Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Preparing for Archeage 2.5 patch for NA

We don't exactly know when the 2.5 patch for Archeage will be coming out to the US and the EU but there's a few key changes which will greatly effect the game as well as make some pocket money for us. I figured I would actually share some information rather then just keeping it to myself since lately money hasn't been the real problem for me.

One of the biggest changes is the change to sunken treasure. Right now aside from on many servers most of the hackers taking the chests or the fact that it's a battle for any chests which you do manage to find with people trying to kill each other and such. They will be making changes that not only make the spawns random. That meaning instead of being able to use a map to plot spawn locations it will be all random which benefits the hackers more then the player base.  They will also be lowering the amount spawned. Which a good percentage of them right now spawn in locations which it's not even possible for us to get anyway since a good portion of them are outside of boundary lines or just can be interacted with.

So I know what your thinking everything I said above sounds like its a bad thing. But lets think of this in terms of the making money. The ship regrading gets cheaper and on top of it they also increase the success of regarding for ship parts too. With less sunken treasure aka less ship component regrade scrolls since people are getting 4 per shipwreck that means the price of regrade scrolls is likely to go up. On the EU they are an average of 98 silver each and on NA usually around 1g 50 silver each. If they cut the spawn amount by half that would mean the whole server may only have a maximum of about 20 or less spawns per 12 hours. That's been the main source of ship regrade scrolls on the server aside from lusca's which also only happens once per day currently. So while we can only guess what the price might be I would say ship component regrade scrolls might go from 1g each to about 3-5g once again like they did before. So hording them will likely make some really good money for a person after the patch rolls in. As well as being able to get better regrade success over all.

Another change which might effect market prices is the lowering of radiant trees and braizers from coin purses. We don't know how much is "slightly reduced" but I would imagine it is enough that you won't be getting as many of them from coin purses.

And the last little bit which I have to add about it is the new accessories from library coinpurse's and drops. While we don't exactly know whether these are actually worth a lot. We do know one thing that is rather expensive right now starlight archeum. So even if the new accessories which drop are crap they have to be better then the low level junk ones which have been dropping from all lvl 51 monsters. So this is actually a more valuable thing then the ship component regrades in terms of what to do after 2.5 hits.

But anyhow that's really the main highlights of 2.5 that I wanted to get out there for everyone. The big shipwreck salvaging isn't all that important because i seriously doubt we will be hunting for them if they don't fix the hacking which can't be fixed since cryengine is an open source graphics engine but oh well.