Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Money Guide Archeage Patch 2.0

So if your like me you might be wondering with all the new updates what should I be doing to make money. The answer is actually pretty simple. And today I'm gonna go over some of the hot new ways to make money that most people might have not realized.

One of the big new ways is crafting. If you haven't already noticed material prices have increased by quite a large amount. We are talking about base mats such as leather, cloth, iron, stone. The reason for this comes down to the new guild related dailes. People need these dailies to level their guilds earn prestige points and farm for leadership. These people are often lazy and willing to spend large amounts of money buying simple things like fabric. A perfect example today on my server the quest for the donation in Austera was 100 fabric price of fabric was 1g 99 silver each. I was thinking there's no way anyone would actually buy it for that much just because of the event but sure enough I was able to sell a stack of them which is almost 200g. If you can find an armory you can speed craft the stuff and slowly sell some through out the day and make a fortune. Each day for each type of material.

Another great way to make money is farming coin purses in library. The radiant trees in auroria got nerfed its kinda not as good to farm them but floor 3 coin purses give really good gold for the labor ontop of that the weapons that drop like candy break down to crystals and sometimes essences much higher money from something like this.

Another really surprising place to farm which is worthy is sea bugs in the ocean or south of fredrich dahuta area because you can get ship bags off the monsters. While this doesn't make tons of money it does allow you to take the small 3 to 4g ship scrolls craft ship parts regrade them decently and turn them into a 400 to 800g profit easily. Rather then trying to sell them on the auction house figure that if you regrade some ezan cutter sails to unique you can make 600 to 1k gold depending on the going rate on your server. You can also do this buying ship comp scrolls but that is more of a gamble because if it doesnt sell you'll kick yourself and you have to watch the prices.

Last worthy thing to do is running packs out of Hellswamp especially the new fertilizer pack. Why do you ask? Because even though fertilizer packs don't trade for gilda they are amazingly cheap to make in comparison to peanut packs and price wise they make around 20 charcoal per turn in which is an amazing amount for such an easy run from Hellswamp to Halcyona and out to Austera. If you can find one set to public you don't even need to own land in the area to use it. Meaning you can make packs with higher turnin rate then the crafter and fellowship.