Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ultimate Guide to Apex for Archeage

So while there are many guides which people want to try and charge you for on gold making and how to get apex most of them include the use of hacks or programs which could get you banned. And this could risk your game play. We wouldn't want you getting banned just for trying to get apex for your main account. And it would suck not having a good method to score apex. So I will be giving you some idea's about how to extend your apex and doing this the legal way.

Some things to keep in mind labor is very important in archeage. While people might tell you that labor doesn't have a price or value this isn't true you can make excuses all you want and tell people its worthless but keep in mind if your gaining labor as a free player you only get 5 labor every 5 minutes and 10 every 5 minutes. So lets assume we are talking about a free player. In an hour you'll gain 300 labor so time is still money at the end of the day. So getting the most out of what little labor you can get is very important. We have a trick which we can do on free accounts to get labor which will be important cause we need labor to make money and provide services.

Gaining labor for free accounts can be accomplished by auto attacking dummy's in falcloth for example. All we need to do is leave our character attacking these poles which keeps our character in combat and as of this point it is not considered illegal to keep yourself logged into game using this method. So it isn't considered a "hack". We want to get as much labor as we can so if you have to leave it for 5 or 6 hours so you can max out on the 2k labor this makes it easier and cheaper then trying to buy workers compensation potions. We also want to avoid spending money which could be spent on other things.

The type of services we will provide will depend on what's making money but we have a few options:
  • Processing materials
  • Crafting
  • Giving ship transport rides
  • Selling resources mined or gathered
Processing materials can be anything from stone to wood and so on. People usually look for these type of services especially when they would rather not spend the labor themselves. Since labor is hard to come by meanwhile if they are leveling a profession they are likely to be using up most of there own labor so they will be looking for someone like you to process stuff. Payment usually comes in tips.

Crafting this type does however require you to level up said craft type which might not be something you want to invest. But if your RNG rolls are good and you get lucky crafting some of the items from handicrafting or tailoring ect you can be looking at some serious money made. Always make sure you don't over spend on materials as well in this case cause you don't want it to turn into a gamble when crafting.

Ship transports this one is usually something people will need since you have the quest for the 16x16 farm if you drive the ship good and can keep your party out of danger as well as get the quest completed for them they will be happy customers. And charging them a fee for your time is a great way to make money. Keep in mind you can also rent out more then just a cutter ship. You could also do the same thing for a merchant ship and charge a per pack fee or a flat rate fee over all.

Selling resources is a good way to make money especially if you can find stuff being planted by someone and jack it to sell over the market place. Some research has to go in before all is said and done since you wouldn't want to end up gathering something that doesn't sell or won't make you enough for your labor.

Some other important things to keep in mind avoid using exploits and I know your gonna be like but my friend exploited Apex recently and made a fortune. But keep in mind you don't wanna risk your account getting banned cause that would be game over. We want to do things legit so we don't come up as a possible banning suspect.

We could also gather materials to make trade packs one of the more valuable runs which is short and sweet is the rookborne to falcloth. Running from a pvp zone is increased pack money. The runs materials are easy to come by you can actually gather the figs from the enemy side and grow cucumbers to get the veggies. This is one of the fastest ways to be able to run packs and requires low investiment. 130% on rookborne packs pays over 9g per run. But even at the lowest point you will still be making 5g off each pack and thats only for about a 5 minute run by donkey. Of course if you make a cart your looking at increasing the amount of packs you can run. But over all the donkey method is a great money maker for someone trying to establish money in a server to buy apex.

Another great way to make money but this requires some investiment to make it efficiant is leveling fishing up. While it is possible to catch some of the lower end sport fish the higher the base skill the bigger the fish you can catch. But fish only require labor to catch them after they turn into a pack they give money without the cost of labor. Fish can be worth anywhere from 2 gold to 45 gold max and the investment gets less the higher it gets leveled since it causes labor reductions the higher you level fishing. The only investiments required to make this work will be bought using vocational badges the fishing pole can be crafted or bought they usually go for around 3 gold.

Another aspect of fishing is stealing fish if you can manage to steal fish off people its free labor but this of course will require a higher leveled character in order to pull that off since most people will be geared and likely hard to beat.

Gathering and selling resources are going to come down to what's doing well in the market but keep afew things in mind. Look for fellowship workbenches on servers usually these require materials. A perfect example of this is the rookborne one which costs 180 corn and 50 dried flowers. Since corn can also be used for grain as well. It can be very valuable and many people will likely buy it when its sold since it requires so much to make a pack. If you plant 100 corn seeds on an 8x8 you can usually expect to make 20-30 gold on average on a server and thats without farming leveled. The investiment is only 1g 40 silver.

We also have afew ways to make money with a new character as well. We can sell the gilda stars you'll get a max of 50 if you rush though the story quests certain races can do this easier like for example elf on the west side or the furry race on the eastern side. Quest wise when you hit 50 you can get a free scroll for regrading. The weapon regrades are usually the best price wise but just check the server to make sure. If you can find someone on the server with a car and ask for some help they can run you though the eco fuel quest in rookborne which will give you some really good money as well.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trade Hack Archeage Warning

So I figured this would actually be a great topic especially cause everyone knows how frustrating it is to get scammed out of items in a mmorpg especially when this specific warning I'm going to be posting about is actually a hack which people do to the trade window. And it go against the terms of service for Archeage. So basicly Archeage has told everyone if you get scammed by just normal scamming game mechanics its okay.

But hackers have found a method to modify the amount of money being traded after the money not only has been locked in but after you hit the trade button then they modify the amount. So breaking it down it happens like the following:

  • You put a Thunderstruck tree in the window...

  • They put in 200g for the tree...

  • Both of you confirm the amount...

  • You can see the 200g confirmed and still reading 200g so you hit the trade button.

  • You recieve 2g and give them a thunderstruck tree.

I actually had someone send me a screenshot cause he got scammed the other day on Ollo server.
So tips to avoid getting scammed while I will say the best way is not selling stuff via the trade window or only trade for other items we cannot be sure what exactly is the extent that they can do with this type of hack. So I would say its better to trade with people who are trusted this means avoid the following people:
  • Low level players
  • Guildless players
  • Ones with bot or scammer names
But that also doesn't mean you shouldn't leave out the possiblity that people will do it with a higher level character or add it to a guild just to exploit. Keep in mind these people will do anything to steal from other players. And they don't care about reputation. Also seeing how Trion has handled many of the hacks currently means you should totally be aware of scamming and people hacking. Cause if they perform these types of things on you its possible they could get your account flagged and banned when you did nothing wrong.
Someone decided to actually post the hack in which people are using to exploit people along with the method. So out of hoping this gets fixed soon I thought I would share more of it.
Thanks for buying this plugin, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

What you need to do now :
Place the "Source" - folder into your Archebuddy Plugins folder.
Start up Archebuddy and log into the game.
Now heres my scamming method :
I'll write in faction chat that i'm buying 5 worker's compensation potions for 29g each, on my server they're atm on the auctionhouse for 27g and 60silver.
when you do this, a person will think that you're stupid and that you're going to pay much more for something that is cheaper on the auctionhouse, so they'll be in a hurry
to sell you that item, in this case the worker's compensation potions.
**Before you proceed with the following step, buy 10 Apples from the auctionhouse, you'll need it. it's explained further down the line why you need it.**
What you do now is, in archebuddy, open the "Plugin Editor"
- Press "Open File"
go to the "Source" folder and click on the tradescam.cs file
Now you move to the line 35 where you see this :      PutGoldInTrade(1); 
that 1 stands for 1 copper, now let me give you a rundown on what 10g, or a 100g would be :
15000000 = 1500g
10000000 = 1000g
 1500000 =  150g
 1000000 =  100g
  900000 =   90g
  100000 =   10g
   10000 =    1g
    1000 =    10s
      10 =    10copper
       1 =     1copper
now, to scam that guy selling 5 worker's compensation to us for 29g each we need to put in 145g into the trade, that means we'll edit the line
"PutGoldInTrade(1); " into "PutGoldInTrade(1450000);
now you press Compile, and when the guy trades you, the code will put in 10apples in, take em out and then put the gold in (**THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE SO THE TRADE IS BUGGED AND THE TRADE WONT BE CANCELLED WHEN THE SCRIPT REMOVES THE GOLD!!**)
also you'll NEVER see the gold being put in from your view (as you may have noticed in the video), so always DOUBLE check when you edit and compile the script!

Good luck and enjoy!"
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Threading;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using ArcheBuddy.Bot.Classes;     

namespace DefaultNameSpace{
   public class DefaultClass : Core
       public static string GetPluginAuthor()
           return "Plugin Author";

       public static string GetPluginVersion()
           return "";

       public static string GetPluginDescription()
           return "My plugin description";

       //Call on plugin start
         public void PluginRun()
           TradeInfo currenttrade = me.tradeInfo; 
            while (currenttrade.isOtherLocked == false)
                  while (currenttrade.IsOtherTradeOk == false)
I suggest if you catch anyone attempting to scam you that you report them or block them. And if the GM's for trion are around I suggest you look for a way to break the exploit they are using since it still is ruining the game on many servers.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Archeage's Update to Anti-hacking

So earlier today Archeage decided to update the game and with that they updated hackshield. And amazingly enough now we have more problems then before cause now normal players are unable to play the game.

* HackShield's unwarranted force-disconnections have been curbed by reducing the number of false-positives it generates. Previous false-positive force-disconnections have not resulted in false-positive bans.
* New, additional anti-hacking detection has been introduced with this build. As a reminder, examples of hacking include but aren't limited to using illicit third-party software, modifying the game client, or intercepting packets between server and client.

Now you have more false positive disconnects then before since you can't stay connected to the game longer then 30 minutes to 50 minutes or less without getting kicked from the game. Has it stopped the hacking or botting? The answer to that question is no. While yes I haven't seen as many bots the land hacking is still happening. Teleport hacking is still working saw someone teleport to the mail box take a potion then teleport into the sky and disappear a low level character as well. Babymewmew yes senpai noticed you hacking on Naima. The land hacking is so bad on Naima you can go into the area and see rows and rows of properties owned by one specific guild or the same name over and over or slight variations of the same name. But the reason for that is trions making money off bots and hacks.

You ask how they make money? Botters buy patrons so they can restore labor faster. They make more then enough money selling items to compensate putting up a small $15 fee for patrons. Aside from that land hackers buy taxes like crazy this is because the longer they need to hold the land the more taxes they need to pay. Most don't use certificates and try to get people stupid enough to spend 1k gold then they come in with another character and while your trying to place take it out from under you. The person you paid the 1k gold to is like sorry bro thats how this game works. You lose 1k gold for the property and time. Some buy certificates that is more money for trion since its cash shop only.

One of the best things too is now trion has started to ban innocent players based off of a low level buying apex with gold obtained from trade pack running and such. Because apparently if your not buying apex via real cash it's a ban. So people are finding that low level 15 characters are getting banned after buying apex though the system. And the messages associated with these ban's are different then the standard "You got caught for hacking" Instead these are you broke the terms of service ban's. These ban's will get the following:

Greetings from Trion Worlds:
This email is to inform you that your Trion Worlds account has been banned due to a violation of our Terms of Use, Code of Conduct. Privacy Policy, or End User License Agreement. If you wish to discuss the reasons for this ban or request reinstatement of your account, please contact us through our Support Center by clicking the following link or pasting it into your browser:
We recognize that the acts that led to this ban may not have been initiated by you, and we apologize if this is the case. Trion is committed to maintaining a fun and safe place for our customers to play games, and we have taken this action as a last resort to ensure a better gaming experience for our valued customers.
Trion Worlds Account Services

These type of bans have no way to be unbanned and the best thing about them is the fact that it has nothing to do with you actually hacking. You could login to a server level a character to level 15 sell your gilda stars to make money do other things like buying stuff off the auction house and reselling or finding packs in the ocean. And when you get enough to buy apex you find yourself banned when you try to transfer it to your main account. Yet your main account doesn't get banned because you wheren't actually caught doing anything "illegal".

And yet trion wonders why the population for there awesome game keeps dropping. They don't do anything about land hacking and stuff but they end up banning innocent people who play the auction game. The sad thing is the botting and hacking will stop when the population is gone. Then at that point it will be trion trying to squeeze every bit of money out of the small remaining community yet if they fixed things properly instead of relying on hackshield which is one of the worst anti-cheat methods of all time they would have had a very successful game.

So in an effort to help other people playing the game keep this in mind.

  • You will most likely get banned making alt accounts and money making on other servers and trying to give your main account apex or money from another server. Do not play the market even if its sapposed to be "okay".
  • Botting seems to be allowed when you have patrons which was bought with real money thats not a stolen credit card.
  • Hacking is also allowed just make sure people don't see it and flag your account and the above approves the more money you spend apex wise the more you won't get banned.
  • If you run anti-virus you will most likely disconnect and possibly get banned.
  • If you run firewall you will most likely disconnect and possibly get banned.
  • If you do get banned bothering with support is a lost cause your better off charging back.

Keep in mind I don't support botting and I will not tell you how to do anything like that. But its sad cause this game could have been so good. And yet most of the reasons it's ruined have nothing to do with the botters or hackers it has more to do with how trion is handling all of it. Which I might add is very poorly.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Black Pearl Pirate Ship

The Black Pearl Pirate Ship in Archeage is one of the fastest ships in game and comes equipped with some of the best firepower as well as the highest speed ship in the game. While this is one of the best ships what is required just to make the design is very time consuming and will require a group of dedicated individuals just to gather the ship design scraps. These scrapes can easily sell for 100 to 200g each depending on the market and takes 55 of them gathered together to make one black pearl design.

The black pearl features are as follows:
  • 10.3m/s
  • 8 Cannons
  • 6 Aqualungs
  • 4 Trade package Slots
  • Sextant that allows the player to see any ships on the map in the nearby area (1000 m)

To build the black pearl:

  • Collect 55 Black Pearl Blueprint (drop by pirate boss above level 40)
  • 100 x Wood, 100 x Iron to build Construction Platform
  • 5 x Packs Lumber,5 x Packs Iron, 5x Packs Cloth
There are a total of 14 bosses that drop parts of the blueprints for the black pearl these bosses are the following:
Note*Same location monsters underlined
  • Kyrios Disciple Klei Level: 35  Falcloth Plains
  • Wandering Captain Kingston Level: 35 Solzreed Peninsula
  • Shy Denly Level: 35 Solzreed Peninsula
  • Dahuta Slave Belucci Level: 40 Gweonid Forest
  • Umbra's Spirit Level: 35 Silent Forest
  • Nesah the Witch of the East Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Golden Goblet Leader Denslow Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Butler Heinmann Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Metal Golem #29 Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Senior Knight Albert Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Knight Captain Herbert Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Ventix the Stormwhorl Level: 40 Gweonid Forest

Each of these locations are unlocked with hidden quests and are open world raid dungeons. Meaning that once the location has been opened by someone any group can come into it including the enemy faction. That means that you can have your boss tagged and in pvp zones it also means that you can be killed or wiped by enemy's or allies if they wish too mess with you.

Silent Forest Ancient Necropolis [Secret Quest]

This quest is a secret quest for the Umbra's Spirit Boss located in silent forest. There are 5 tombs in that location each one has a different type of monster and one of them has a wandering ghost npc which has a starter for the quest. It isn't always visible and you can easily miss it even while questing. Keep in mind you will need a group willing to complete the quest because the dungeon is actually multi-floor and each floor requires a key. In each of the tomb area's there's a locked royal tomb door and a note which talks about the quest giving hints that talk about needing to find different items.

Outside of one of the tombs near the larger structure building there's an anvil and the body of a NPC on the ground that has a note attatched to it which says the following:
"I've assembled all of the pieces, but still can't decipher what they're trying to say. My time has ended, but whoever finds this letter, please do the honor of finishing my work. Uncover the secrets of the royal tomb that I could not".

The anvil nearby when clicked says: Not enough Purified Blade

Another nearby object that you can interact with says the following:
 "I found purified all five cursed items, but it's still not over. What else do I need? The five items, and...I have to get moving. I don't even have time to think, just act."

To actually complete the purified blade you will have to enter each of the five tombs and get one of the following named items:
  • Cursed Spellbook
  • Cursed Blade
  • Cursed Wolf Claw
  • Cursed Armor Piece
  • Cursed Fog
Once these are obtained you need to swim to the bottom of the middle of the lake you also recieve another quest from the zone that makes you go down to this location it's the deepest part of the lake where the glowing symbol is on the lake floor. You bring the items and use them to purify each one.

Once the items are purified its back over to the anvil and you use them to make the royal key which after crafted allows you to open one of the doors. Each of the tomb doors lead to the same place but there are other floors downward which also require the same royal tomb keys. And because the key is consumed after it is used you will need party members to bring additional keys to avoid having to go do the quest all over again just to get another key. The door stay's open for a decent amount of time but will eventually close. The drop rate of the boss is not a 100% chance to get a black pearl design atleast it wasn't in the alpha version. I have yet to try it again now that the game is live but I will update the guide as needed.

As I have more information about the other dungeons I will update the guide since so far only the silent forest one I have actually figured out as of yet.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beekeeping Guide

Bee's are an important enviromental creature that pollenates and makes delicious honey. In archeage beekeeping might not pollenate tree's but one thing is for sure it does make honey as well as royal jelly. These can be very useful items in game. Beehives can be used to make a good income in archeage. So today I will teach you how to make a beehive and also how to tend and care for bee's in archeage. Also some of the ways that you can make income by beekeeping.

To make a beehive you will need a large enough farm space to actually place a beehive. This can be accomplished by either having a 16x16 farm or one of the larger medium houses such as the 24x24 or larger. You cannot use a beehive on one of the small scarecrow farms or small houses because beehives take up a lot of space and won't fit. You can find the beehive under Handicraft and under the section called Contraption. Its listed as the Acorn Beehive.

  • 20x Lumber
  • 5x Aspen Hardwood (Aquired from rare aspen drops)
  • 3x Acorn (From Oak trees)
  • 1x Dawn Lake Light Essence (Aquired from fishing)

Beehives have stages of growth depending on the situation. If you choose to not add a queen to the beehive then it will only grow for a day and the amount of honey recieved from the beehive will be a very small amount usually between 3-5 honey with a very low chance for royal jelly. You can use a Queen Bee Taming Net by reducing the queens health low and using the net to capture her. You can catch her in the following locations:

  • Mahadevi
  • Falcorth Plains
  • White Arden
  • Solzreed Peninsula
After you have a queen in the beehive it takes up to 4 day's for the beehive to hit prosperous and give the largest amount of honey. The stages of this are as follows:

  • Alluring – No harvest 
  • Moist – 200 Labor harvest 3-5 Honey small chance for Royal Jelly
  • Sweet – 400 Labor harvest 12-18 Honey small chance for Royal Jelly
  • Prosperous – 600 Labor harvest 24-30 small chance for Royal Jelly
Beehives have a chance to be attacked when this happens you have a limited duration before the beehive gets destroyed so you need to either make or buy a smoke bead to prevent the destruction of the beehive. The beekeepers veil will keep you from getting stung by the bees but it's not required in order to pick the beehives and the poison from the bees isn't that notiable. But it's possible it reduces the chance for the beehive from going into the "attacked" state.

Beehives can be grown in all climates and no climates speed up the process of bee's. Beehives can be good for a number of things. Alchemy, Cooking, Trade Packs, and Pet raising require honey as well as submarines which require royal jelly. Of course submarines have not been added yet in the NA release of Archeage so they are only used for the butterfly frame decoration and do not have much of a use currently aside from something pretty to put in your house.

Trade Pack wise you can make the aged larder which honey can be used as an ingrediant for aged honey this takes 2 days to mature but pays a premium pack which is 130% since it doesn't end up being run fast like most standard packs.

Alchemy potions of defense require honey as an ingrediant to recipes making them have a constant use in pvp. Cooking also requires it for higher level food recipes as well.

You can also use 500 honey to upgrade the polar bear pet the one obtained by breeding the bears. And is used to create a black bear pet.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Swulfen makes mikki an offer she can't refuse

Just when mikki thought she was going to get to her destination faster swulfen decides to give her an offer she can't refuse. He offers to take her by rowboat down the waterfalls so she can turn her pack in. What seemed like a good idea riding with swulfen turns out being a total trap. She then learns it would have been faster to walk backwards to the destination instead of riding with swulfen. But don't worry swulfen we all still love you.



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Archeage Game Performance Tweaking

Archeage uses cryengine 3 one of the more amazing graphics engines for a game and this topic will be dedicated to information based on how to tweak archeage and make the graphics play better and explain how to get the most out of the graphics. While it is possible to modify graphics using ingame system control panels editing graphics via the configuration files always allow you to change more then what is normally listed and allow you to add extra tweaks into the system. Always keep in mind you should back up settings before making modifications of them this way if something breaks you can replace the settings file and revert it when something doesn't work properly.

Full list of client commands cryengine 3:

To modify settings for Archeage you will need to find the following location:
C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Documents\ArcheAge\system.cfg

Keep in mind some of the settings are used for tweaking max graphics and might not apply to the video cards you are using so you might need to play with some of these settings to set them for your specific system. But these will give you an idea about what each of the settings will do for you and what exactly it will effect on the system.

sys_spec_full = 4
r_driver = "DX9"  --DX10 or DX11 settings work as well depending on graphics card
r_multithreaded = 0 --0=disabled 1=enabling rendering in separate thread 2(default)=automatic
option_sound = 4
r_windowx = -1
r_windowy = -1
r_width = 3840  --width of screen size
r_height = 2160 -- height of screen size
r_fullscreen = 1  --fullscreen or not
r_vsync = 0 --disable for performace  enable for increase in graphics
login_first_movie = 1 --to disable login movie
ucc_ver = 2
auto_disconnect_timer = 30

-- Tests
 r_Scissor = 1
 r_SilhouettePOM = 1 --Enables or disables the Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping (VERY GPU intensive).

cl_fov = 60  --Field of view calculator to make it easy

 -- Render Sharpening
 r_Sharpening = 0.25

 -- Color Grading
 r_ColorGrading = 1 --Enables or disables the artist controlled color grading post-processing effect

 -- Global Illumination
 e_GI = 1

 -- Lighting
 r_FullDeferredShading = 2 -- Set me to 1 if you have a weaker system
 r_DeferredShadingSSS = 1 --Toggles deferred subsurface scattering (requires full deferred shading)

 -- Screen Space Reflections
 r_SSReflections = 4 --Glossy screen space reflections
 -- Fog
 r_FogShadows = 1 --Enables deferred volumetric fog shadows 0: off  1: standard resolution 2: reduced resolution

 r_fogShadowsWater = 1 --Enables volumetric fog shadows for watervolumes

 -- Shadows
 e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 4096 --Set maximum resolution of shadow map 256(faster), 512(medium), 1024(better quality)
 e_ShadowsResScale = 40 --Shadows slope bias for shadowgen
 e_ShadowsPoolSize = 4096 --Set size of shadow pool (e_ShadowsPoolSize*e_ShadowsPoolSize)
 r_ShadowsPCFiltering = 1 --1=use PCF for shadows
 e_ShadowsOnWater = 1 --Enable/disable shadows on water
 e_ShadowsSlopeBiasHQ = 1 --Shadows slope bias for shadowgen (for high quality mode)
 e_ShadowsConstBiasHQ = 1 --Shadows slope bias for shadowgen (high quality mode)
 e_ShadowsCastViewDistRatio = 800 --View distance ratio for shadow maps casting from objects
 e_ShadowsCastViewDistRatioLights = 800 --View dist ratio for shadow maps casting for light sources
e_ShadowsClouds = 1 --Cloud shadows
e_ShadowsTessellateCascades = 2 --Maximum cascade number to render tessellated shadows (0 = no tessellation for sun shadows)
 r_ShadowGenGS = 1 -- DX11 only geometry shader for shadow map generation
 e_VolObjShadowStrength = 1 --Self shadow intensity of volume objects
r_TerrainAO_FadeDist=1 --Controls sky light fading in tree canopy in Z direction

 r_WaterVolumeCaustics = 1 --Toggles advanced water caustics for watervolumes.
 r_WaterCausticsDeferred = 2 --Toggles under water caustics deferred pass. Default is 0 (disabled). 1 - enables. 2 - enables with stencil pre-pass
e_WaterOcean = 2 --Activates drawing of ocean. 1: use usual rendering path 2: use fast rendering path with merged fog
e_WaterOceanBottom = 1 --Activates drawing bottom of ocean
e_WaterOceanFFT = 1 --Activates fft based ocean
e_WaterTessellationAmount = 10 --Set tessellation amount
e_WaterTessellationAmountX = 85 --Set tessellation on x axis - 0 means not used
e_WaterTessellationAmountY = 85 --Set tessellation on y axis - 0 means not used
r_WaterReflectionsQuality = 3 --Activates water reflections quality setting. Default is 0 (terrain only), 1 (terrain + particles), 2 (terrain + particles + brushes), 3 (everything)
r_WaterTessellationHW = 1 --Enables hw water tessellation.
sys_spec_Quality=4 --Console variable group to apply settings to multiple variables
--sys_spec_quality [1/2/3/4/default] [current]:
-- ... q_Renderer = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderFX = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderGeneral = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderGlass = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderIce = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderMetal = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderShadow = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderSky = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderTerrain = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
-- ... q_ShaderVegetation = 1/1/2/3/2 [3]
r_ssreflections = 3 --Glossy screen space reflections

 -- Sky
e_SkyBox = 1 --Activates drawing of skybox and moving cloud layers
e_SkyQuality = 2 --Quality of dynamic sky: 1 (very high), 2 (high).
e_SkyType = 1 --Type of sky used: 0 (static), 1 (dynamic).
e_SkyUpdateRate = 1 --Percentage of a full dynamic sky update calculated per frame (0..100].

r_ssdo = 1 --Screen Space Directional Occlusion
r_SSAO = 0 --Screen space ambient occlusion:
--0 - disabled
--1 - SSAO technique with normals
--2 - SSAO technique with normals and temporal accumulation
--3 - Volumetric Obscurance technique with jittering
--4 - Volumetric Obscurance technique with jittering and temporal accumulation (Consoles only)
--5 - VO variation with multiple radii
r_ssao_quality = 3 --SSAO shader quality[0 - Low spec, 1 - Medium spec, 2 - High spec, 3-3 Highest spec]
r_ssao_amount=.7  --Controls how much SSAO affects ambient

 -- Draw Distance ( Disabled for now, draw distances for players and objects seem to be hardlocked )
 e_MaxViewDistance = 2500 --Far clipping plane distance
 --e_ViewDistRatio = 2000
 --e_ViewDistRatioDetail = 2000
 --e_ViewDistRatioCustom = 2000
 --e_ViewDistRatioPortals = 2000
 --e_ViewDistRatioVegetation = 2000
 --e_ViewDistRatioVegetation = 200
 --e_ViewDistRatioDetail = 800
 --e_ViewDistMin = 2000
 --e_ViewDistCompMaxSize = 2000

 -- Merged Meshes (aka Flora)
 e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist = 32.0 -- Should be safe to set this value up to 96.0
 e_MergedMeshesViewDistRatio = 100 --merged meshes view dist ratio
 e_ObjectLayersActivationPhysics = 1 --Allow game to create/free physics of objects: 0: Disable; 1: All; 2: Water only.

 -- HDR
 r_HDRBrightLevel = 1.0 --HDR rendering level (bloom multiplier, tweak together with threshold) Default is 1.25
 r_HDRBloomRatio = 0.15 --HDR scene bloom ratio

r_MultiGPU = 2 --0=disabled, 1=extra overhead to allow SLI(NVidia) or Crossfire(ATI),
2(default)=automatic detection (currently SLI only, means off for ATI)
should be activated before rendering

 -- Level of Detail
 e_LodMax = 3
 e_LodMin = 0

 -- Terrain
 r_TerrainAO = 7
 e_TerrainTextureLodRatio = 800
 e_TerrainLodRatio = 800

 -- Particles
 e_ParticlesSortQuality = 2 -- HQ Sorting
 r_ParticlesSoftIsec = 2 --Enables particles soft intersections.
 r_ParticlesRefraction = 1 --Enables refractive particles.
r_ParticlesTessellationTriSize = 1 --Sets particles tessellation triangle screen space size in pixels (DX11 only)
 r_ParticlesTessellation = 1 --Enables particle tessellation for higher quality lighting. (DX11 only)
 e_ParticlesForceSoftParticles = 1
 e_ParticlesObjectCollisions = 2 --Enable particle/object collisions for SimpleCollision: 1 = against static objects only, 2 = dynamic also
 e_ParticlesMotionBlur = 2 --Motion blur for particles 0 = Off  1 = On  2 = Force
 e_ParticlesShadows = 2 -- Forced
 e_ParticlesSortQuality = 2 --Minimum sort quality for new particle insertion: 0 = basic, 1 = better, 2 = best
 e_ParticlesLights = 1 --Allows to have light source attached to every particle 0 = Off 1 = Deferred lights
 e_ParticlesGI = 2 --Apply global illumination to appropriate particle effects 0 = Off  1 = On 2 = Force
 e_ParticlesDiffCM = 1
 e_ParticlesAnimBlend = 2 --Blend between animated texture frames 0 = Off 1 = On 2 = Force

 -- DOF
 r_DepthOfField = 2 --Enables depth of field.Default is 0 (disabled). 1 enables, 2 hdr time of day dof enabled
 r_DepthOfFieldBokeh = 3 --Sets depth of field bokeh type (only for dof mode 3).Default is 0 (isotropic/spherical).
r_DepthOfFieldBokehQuality = 1 --Sets depth of field bokeh quality (samples multiplier). Default is 0: ingame quality, 1: high quality mode
--r_DepthOfFieldDilation Sets dilation width to reduce ghosting artifacts on near objects (can introduce other artifacts)
r_DetailDistance = 20 --Distance used for per-pixel detail layers blending. Usage: r_DetailDistance (1-20) Default is 6.
r_DetailTextures = 1 -- Toggles detail texture overlays. Default is 1 (detail textures on).
 -- Refraction
 r_Refraction = 1 --Enables refraction. Default is 1 (on). Set to 0 to disable.

 -- Screen Space Indirect illumination (Does this work on AA's build?)
 r_SSII = 1

 -- Sun Shafts
 r_sunshafts = 1 --Enables sun shafts. Default is 1 (on). Set to 0 to disable.

r_Supersampling = 3 --Use supersampled antialiasing(1 - 1x1 no SSAA, 2 - 2x2, 3 - 3x3 ...)
 -- Light Beams
 r_Beams = 1 -- (3 default)

 -- Engine Tesselation
 e_Tessellation = 1

 -- Clouds
 e_Clouds = 1 --Enable clouds rendering
 e_ShadowsClouds = 1 --Cloud shadows

 -- Wind
 e_Wind = 1
 e_WindAreas = 1
 e_WindBendingDistRatio = 800

 -- Weather
 r_Rain = 2

 -- Vegetation
 e_Vegetation = 1
 e_VegetationAlignToTerrainAmount = 1
 e_VegetationSphericalSkinning = 1
 e_ProcVegetation = 1
 --e_ProcVegetationMaxObjectsInChunk = 200
 --e_ProcVegetationMaxViewDistance = 1200

 -- Character Animation
 ca_thread = 1
 ca_cloth_air_resistance = 1
 ca_ApplyJointVelocitiesMode = 1
 ca_eyes_procedural = 1
 ca_UseLookIK = 1
 ca_useADIKTargets = 1
 ca_UseAimIK = 1
 ca_LockFeetWithIK = 1

 -- Sound
 s_HDR = 1
 s_HRTF_DSP = 0
 s_ReverbDynamic = 1

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fast way's to levelup in Archeage

So this is actually going to be pretty useful to players who will be coming into the game looking to level up since that will get you to end game fast. So today I will explain some of the methods for leveling up fast so you can beat everyone to max level.

One of the fastest ways to level up in Archeage comes down to the crafting system. The crafting system has many different aspects of the game play but one of the fastest ways to level up is actually mining and processing raw stone. Why raw stone you might ask? Well after raw stone is crafted into stone bricks you can use the stone bricks to spend 50 labor points and craft hereafter stones which are used for teleporting. This gives a large amount of experience per craft for hereafter stones.

Of course this method requires labor points which you will need workers compensation potion patrons status. One thing which can really help you benefit is offering the service of processing peoples raw stone into brick. This will be in high demand since labor is so valuable. You can offer the service of processing for free and just convert peoples stone which will also level you.

The area called Auroria has a level 53 elite monster called Chaotic Abyssmal Guardian and these monsters can be killed very easily with a level 40+ spelldagger build. These monsters give a generous amount of experience when someone is killing them for you. While we do not know whether the monsters will be accessable from diamond shores its still worth it to post about them for the future since we know this as a fact.

Aside from our labor spamming with crafting you can also quest while this really isn't super effective means of leveling it will give you the gear that you need. To be honest gear is one of the most important aspect of the game. Having the gear makes a major difference later on in game. So skipping these quests might not be the best idea in terms of gearing up. But if you do however hit level 50 you can skip all of the other quests and just complete the ones in rookborne and hasla area which will get you to level 40ish quest gear. That would be decent enough to get you into some of the first dungeons while you are waiting to level up crafting.

The hasla weapon farming for the level 50 weapons is also a great way at getting a free level 50 weapon which will have really good stats unless you manage to craft the high tier crafted weapons.

How to go Pirate in Archeage

So while I was playing on alpha before it was shut down. People all the time would go uproot trees and such to go pirate which to be honest is a major waste since your talking about 10 labor points to uproot a tree for 3 infamy. And sure you can go around killing people which gives 10 if you can actually kill them but small blood stains only give 1 infamy point and also means you can get killed and spend time in jail. So today I'll show you how you can get 3k infamy with screenshots included.

To accomplish getting to pirate you need a friend or an alt with about 3g and about 4 hours of time. The object is to use the lowest amount of labor per gather so to do that we used cucumbers since they take 9 minutes to be pickable and when you pick them its 1 labor point for 3 infamy. Once you go crazy picking all of them someones gotta report all the footprints too and its a slightly time consuming way but you won't die in the process since it can be done anywhere including the begining of tigerspine.

Keep in mind when you go pirate and your in a party with someone who isn't a pirate you'll still be friendly in a party with the person until you leave the party since you end up as an enemy faction. Also as a pirate you have to worry about guards killing you in any of the non-neutral area's. And players can kill you if they choose the same type of thing applies like the enemy faction. As a pirate people can attack you and trigger a fight but you cannot attack them unless your in a pvp area. To be honest thats kind of disappointing since you would think pirates would be lawless and allowed to attack anyone anywhere which is not the case.

As a pirate you get to enjoy the pirate island which includes being able to get near the NPC black pearl which is not possible when you are not a pirate. The pirate island has different quests that give various pirate items and you can also obtain a title which gives you 20% faster swimming.

You get access to a dungeon which has some interesting items as you can see from the screenshots above and according to the portal in the pirate island this dungeon is opened during the weekend but you must be in a party to enter.

Another bonus to being a pirate is there's a crystal with a 1% damage buff to players you can touch to gain for an hour. Pirates also have a buff all the time that when they die anywhere in the water they will not go to jail but if they die on land they will end up going to trial and likely jail because people hate pirates.

The above is an example of what happens when you die as a pirate on the land even if you have no crime points its an instant go to trial and you will always get atleast 40 minutes of jail time as a pirate.
If you manage to get innocent during a trial you will still remain a pirate until you drop your points all the way back to zero. This means that you would need to work on quests which help to lower your infamy points or buy the infamy potions from the loyalty shop.

The pirate island itself has a quest to remove 100 infamy points. But its likely that you will be unable to complete the quest if you are not a pirate because the npc would be surrounded by many pirate related guards. But as a pirate if you are sneaky you can actually do not only the one on the pirate island but the other quests which are located in the other two contients.

To accomplish the other infamy quests you must have shadowplay so you have the ability to cloak because you will be passing by guards who will jump you and 1 shot you if they catch you. Not only that but if players spot you doing the quests they will also likely kill you and the guards won't help you because your a pirate.

100 infamy pirate quest starts in Growlgate Isle

The following quests will reduce your points by 240 infamy points and can be completed daily. starts in Rookborne Basin. starts in Sandeep, Memoria Lake. starts in Solis Headlands, Austera. starts in Solid Headlands, Austera. starts in Shrine of Awakening, Marianople.

To unlock the quests for Austera you have to go to the prison island off the shores of Austera theres a npc on the dock of the island which will give you a quest that takes you to the npc's. One of the quests requires that you carry trade packs into another part of the city. You need to be careful when you pick up the trade pack because people who see you carrying the trade pack will think that they can steal it and will most likely kill you for it which you will go to trial and it will be a frustrating experience for you. Use steath to sneak past the guards you need to turn in 3 of those trade packs to get the point reduction.

The other quest in austera is cleaning up a building construction site that has ghosts for the most part you shouldn't have too much opposition in this area. But before you go up there some guards patrol near the edge of the ruins just make sure to avoid them or they will kill you and make you have to walk all the way back since the grave is very far from Austera.

The rookborne basin quest requires that you travel around the map and give priests locket items it's not really super dangerous aside from avoiding running though towns or seeing enemy's who could possibly try and gank you but this is one of the more safter area's instead of Austera.

I haven't done the quest for sandeep as of yet but the quest seems to be related to picking up trash off a beach and knowing sandeep is a pretty big questing and PvP area I would say you would just need to becareful for anyone roaming around helping friends quest. The area its located in has some quests so you might need to becareful if you spot anyone.

The one for the shrine requires you to pick up trash inside the main city in the following location.
You'll have to be careful with this one and use stealth since there are also a lot of guards in these area's too.

Its also possible that there might be more quest since the Austera related ones might also include ones on the western faction as well which could be done by a pirate. I have not played western so I only know about the ones which can be compeleted by someone if they are eastern or pirate. If anyone knows information about the ones which overlap and whether they are considered seprate dailies since they are on the western side let me know. Cause in that case it would most likely be possible as a pirate to remove almost 400 infamy on a daily basis.

But even still this should help quite a bit since you could greatly reduce your points on a daily basis. I wouldn't recomend going pirate until you have everything settled in your normal faction since it would end up taking atleast 10 days or more to get back to being friendly with the faction. So in that time you would not be able to quest or do all that much aside from ganking people via water without risking going to jail.

I hope that this guide helps you and allows you an easy way to achive pirate and then have a way to go back to being friendly faction if you choose. Stay tuned for more helpful guides!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Crafting System: How to craft gear

Gear crafting in Archeage might be slightly confusing to someone who's new in the game. So today I will be explaining how the crafting system works and how to craft gear. Crafting gear is an important aspect of the game and while it might not seem to be super important at lower levels there's a reason why it is pretty important to start off while your lower level.

If you notice the screenshot above this is a screenshot of the tailoring window. As you can see I can craft Apprentice's Ocean Shoes the very first level of crafting. The best way to describe how the crafting system works is to craft the higher level stuff you need the lower level items. Basically you start off with the Apprentice's ocean shoes and from that you can craft the Craftsman's Ocean Shoes.
If you notice the next picture above you see some higher level gear I crafted. This one is the illustrious ocean sleaves and the quality is epic without having to reroll the item. Basically by chance when you are crafting items they can get improved qualities and the improved quality versions can carry over to the next upgrade. But I'm sure you must be thinking this seems way to easy for a guide anyone can figure this stuff out without much assistance.
But there is a little catch from when you go from sealed illustrious to the next upgrade if you look at the screenshot above see the salvaged illustrious sash. Basically when you attempt to craft a sealed item you have a chance for the following:

Illustrious Ocean Sash
Illustrious Meadow Sash
Illustrious Stone Sash
Illustrious Lake Sash

The only sash which can be upgraded to the next type would be the ocean sash the other three are just different stat variations of each sash. This means that if you don't manage to get the ocean sash you would be left either selling the other 3 types and trying to get lucky crafting it or the other option is breaking down the piece of gear and creating a salvaged sash. Remember three salvaged Illustrious sash's make one ocean sash which can be used for the upgrade.
And what makes it time consuming this continues on for the next type of gear which is Magnificant Ocean Sash. With each upgrade you will need to either get lucky and craft the ocean version of it or make three to salvage and have another chance to get lucky at an ocean it doesn't garrenty that you will get an ocean like illustrious. This makes the crafting system very time consuming. Especially since to make the higher tier gear you end up needing 50k points in tailoring.

The other problem currently at least ever since alpha's been down is the low drop rate on archeum dust. Obtaining this dust is from dismantling gear. Unfortunately you cannot dismantle gear from dungeons. This only leaves quest gear which is a one time thing, the coin purses (very low drop if any), getting lucky with a treasure map, or the archeum trees which are a pain to grow and only give off 3 to 4 dust per harvest which means you will be hauling spring water back to the house every few hours only to get 3 to 4 dust.

Hopefully they plan some kind of fix cause currently this has not been resolved as of yet. But aside from that the crafting system does give better rewards then that of most mmorpg games. And all gear even after it's been used and abused is still tradeable in archeage meaning that even after you slot gems in it you can choose to pass it down to someone or sell it.

Crafting gear will be much more important then it was in alpha as well considering that we will have no access to diamond shores which means no access to library or monsters over level 50 when the game is released. This will change everyone's strategies slightly when it comes to gear. But I hope this guide will help provide some guidance to how gear works.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Archeage Release date Announced

Today at PAX the release date for Archeage was set for September 16th. The head start will be set to the 12th. And the open beta starts the 4th of September. The alpha servers will not be accessable during the open beta period meaning that all players of the alpha servers will not be able to access Omega or Alpha server during open beta. The server names are as follows:

North America
Still unsure whether they will be adjusting some of the drop rates on certain items before launch but aside from problems with that the game is really well polished. If you play during the open beta you will have 8 days to decide whether the game is really good and whether you want to buy the beta pack to get into the headstart. But at the very least if you have not gotten an invite to the beta as of yet now is the chance to get in and test it out for yourself!
If your going to play and interested in playing with my guild your welcome too but we will most likely be the same kind of guild like alpha and kill allied factions for packs and most likely future pirates. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Thunderstruck Tree Guide

So people are constantly asking about how thunderstruck trees work and the mechanics about them or how to obtain them. So in this guide I'm going to explain how to get a thunderstruck tree and some of the myths and whats legit.

One of the first misconceptions about thunderstruck trees is it only happens on the islands covered by storms all the time. This isn't true cause weather is just randomly generated and it doesn't increase the chance that something will thunderstruck or not. So people trying to sell you that island 16x16 telling you that its worth 50k gold cause they got a mountain of thunderstruck trees from it chances are they are really just lucky or they are trying to make you think it's good just to get you to buy it. If it was so good people wouldn't sell said locations.

Thunderstruck tree's are a product of RNG that happens during tree evolution phases. Yes this works like Pokemon:
Basically as tree's evolve they have a chance that they will be thunderstruck. After a tree reaches the mature state and are a full tree it is impossible to have the tree get thunderstruck so that means when it goes from a "tree to an old tree" this is not going to give us a thunderstruck tree.

Tree's which have a long duration for growing usually have a much higher chance of getting struck this is why many people plant pine trees since the duration is over 2 days for them to grow. Tree's have These stages:

Small Sapling> Sapling> Young Tree> Mature Tree> Old Tree

The first 3 evolution stages can give you a thunderstruck tree. Standing near a tree as it gets thunderstruck is dangerous and fatal to health. If you know the time in which each evolution happens you can watch the tree's turn.

Thunderstruck tree's look like a dead burnt tree that doesn't mean they are still on fire from the picture above you can see a pine sapling that was hit by lightning. In Korea there's a cash shop item which increases the chance in which getting a thunderstruck tree can happen but this item so far isn't being added to the North American server.

The place tree's are planted for thunderstruck doesn't matter the more tree's the more chance one might get struck. Trees planted in the proper climate grow faster meaning different evolution times. Tree's outside of the proper location will grow at a slower rate and the times will be effected by that.

I have not seen any fruit tree's get thunderstruck if anyone confirms otherwise please let me know. As for tree's evolution phases. I'm still doing research on the times that tree's evolve so if you have any information on this for different types of tree's please share it and I'll update the topic as more information is found.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Archeage Farming Guide

How to farm like a boss. This guide will go over some of the basic information about farming and why you would want to go farming not to mention how to take care of your animals and helpful tips you will need to know for farming in archeage.

The first very important thing to note is currently in alpha it doesn't cost anything to plant anything so you can plant as much as you want but harvesting things from your farm will cost labor depending on what your farming. Tree's can be anywhere from 15 to 25 labor points per tree so you will find yourself spending quite abit of points per tree. Gathering other things can be 1 to 5 labor depnding on what your gathering. Like for example it only costs 1 point to gather wild crops which are found naturally and contain random seeds for things you might not normally be able to buy from vendors.


The first thing to keep in mind plants have 4 different stages of growth for trees and 3 stages for plants. When they first are planted they are a seedling in which the time counts down until they are ripe to pick. The next stage is when they go from sapling into the young sapling stage this stage is when they evolve into a larger plant for non tree's this process can be speeded up by watering but for tree's it demands a wait period. Plants usually don't have a 4 they are ready to be picked at this stage then they usually are in the mature plant stage meaning they can be harvested. For tree's they go into a young tree phase before going into the fully matured tree phase or fruited stage depending on the type of tree. Tree's or plants left for too long a duration have two other phases either the wilted for plants phase or the dead phase for tree's. For plants you can fix wilted plants by using fertilizer on them as for dead tree's you can only cut them down or gather the fruit and the tree will disappear.

Tree's also have another more special phase which can occur during the first 3 stages of growth this is called thunderstruck. Some things to keep in mind many people will try to tell you thunderstruck trees only happen on islands where thunderstorms happen often but this is not true. Thunderstruck trees are an RNG gamble basicly the more tree's you have the more chance you have that a tree might get thunderstruck. In Korea they do have a cash shop item which increases chances two trees near each other will get thunderstruck but this so far will most likely not be brought to the North American version of the game. Tree's with longer cycles are better to use for thunderstruck tree's this is why many people use pine tree's the cost per labor is much lower to place these tree's and the time for them to get ready is over 2 days long. Fruit tree's cannot get thunderstruck so you would want to avoid planting those type of tree's. You don't want to be standing ontop of a tree as it gets thunderstruck you can get killed by the tree getting thunderstruck.

Planting tree's and plants outside of scarecrow farms and houses will cost you labor points depending on the type of tree or plant but this can be a good alternative if your aiming for thunderstruck tree's so you can plant more then 10 tree's in a spot but this means that other people can also come and steal your trees so looking for places to hide tree's is very important.

How to plant in a space? This can be done by clicking on the seed or sapling this will give you an area highlighted in a light green if you can plant if the plant area is red it means you can't place the plant in that spot either something is blocking you from planting or you are just unable to plant in that spot. Gray dotted lines indicate the space around houses and farms that you can plant in these are protected by you paying taxes and cannot be stolen by other players. Planting outside of safe area's means anyone can take them. When planting on your allied soil other players taking the plants leave footprints which can be reported which give them crime points. When you plant on the enemy faction no footprints will be left when stuff is stolen from you. This is the same when enemy faction steals from your alliance area's.

Rare item drops these currently have no purpose because they haven't been implemented as of yet but when they get released and they release the more specialty trade pack system these rare materials will be used to build more expensive and harder to obtain trade packs which will cost more to create.

Watering plants this helps when you are planting many things with long growth periods. Watering plants reduces the growth time for the plant by 10%. Watering most fast growing plants is more of a waste of time but if a plant has long duration you can reduce the time for it to mature by quite awhile.

Climate variation effects plant growth when you plant in the right area for plants they produce more harvested materials and also grow much faster. There are currently 3 different types of climates they are:
Arid climate is desert like conditions plants which are not ment to grow in these conditions will enter the wilted stage much more easily or have little to no produce and also enter dead phase much easier.
Temperate climate most plants fall into this catagory this is more just a normal season type condition.
Tropical this is the warm humid type of climate good for plants like banana trees.
Each type of plant you buy from the vendor will tell you what climate it belongs to this way you will know where it grows the most effectively. Growing things in the right locations will make them grow faster and make it more worth it for you in the long run.

Livestock care having different animals can benefit you with other types of material and much like planting caring for animals works similar to planting. After an animal is placed it goes though a growth time in which they will turn into a fully matured animal like for example cows go from a baby stage into a full dairy cow. You will need to feed them combined feed which they go into a thriving state at this point you get the option to milk the cow which will give you milk materials. When you don't take care of them they go into a hungry state and they can die. Cows that are fed but aren't harvested for milk can get diseased you need livestock suppliment to get them to go back to being healthy again. Cows which have produced for a long period of time will eventually go into the dead phase and die after being milked and you can also choose to butcher animal's for materials like hides and meat as well. Other types of animals can produce male and females and can be breeded to produce more of that animal. Breeding them can be used to train pet versions of different animals. Some animals instead of being milked can be sheered for fur like Yata's, Goat's, Sheep these give various different types of crafting materials.

Seed bundles these are created using vocational badges and a farmers workstation these contain a package of seeds which produce more of the harvested type of plant. Seed bundles also give other materials such as worms used for fishing and other crafting items depending on the type of bundle. Seed bundles take up a larger amount of space then planting individual seeds but with how much material you get you would have to plant more then the 10 seeds it costs to make a bundle to get the same amount of materials from them. These also grow much faster and stay alive longer then normal seed plants. They do however have a lower chance to get the rare items from harvesting.

Hidden farms some locations on the map make for extra special places to plant this is because they are either hard to get too or not easy to find by other players while I won't go and tell you all of the locations or teach everything about these locations being a good detective and thinking about sneaky ways to plant things that people won't notice is a great way to have good hidden farms. The picture above is one of the more harder to get to hidden farms and before you go complain about me showing a picture someone already ruined it by making a video of the location. If you don't want places to be found by others don't stream them or video them because people will only go to steal your stuff when they find it.

Archeage is a very fun game and the farming in the game is very interesting it might seem much more advanced and slightly complicated at first but as you get used to the game you will find yourself enjoying these daily tasks even if they might seem slightly frustrating when you have to gather tree's every 2 hours when they fruit. Farming produces many materials used for the other activities that you enjoy doing like crafting, fishing, treasure hunting, and trade runs.