Sunday, June 21, 2015

White in the forest - Ghosts Wedding event on Korea

So recently there was an update for Korean Archeage which added a ghosts wedding event and released some new costume, a mount and some furniture for your house. While the costume and horse just seem like a temporary teaser for the event the furniture doesn't seem to have any durations. The orignal post is here but below I translated all of the Korean on the image some of it might not be the best translation and the items will most likely change when they are released to american servers. I'm not sure whether we will actually end up getting the total event because of the fact that some of the other RNG boxes we've seen in the past in Korea got added as events. I mean I kind of wish NA did the same it's not only a really smart business tactic but it doesn't force players to just guess what the costumes look like. Gives everyone a taste of it allowing them to decide whether they want it. And if the furniture is actually permanant it means that if your here for the event you could get some of it without having to pay for it meaning that we kind of get screwed into buying "packages" which have furniture sets when Korea is getting them for free by participating in the events when they are released. I didn't bother translating the title and editing the top but it says:

하얀숲의 : White in the forest
유령결혼식 : Ghosts Weddings

The idea of it is it's a series of daily quests which give Spring Festival Commemorative Coins by completeing them. Some quests are dailies some are one time quests which only give rewards once. You get a free elk pet of your choice from one of the quests. One quest requires you to spend hereafterstones warping it seems. Another requires you to craft jewelery. And one quest is all about completeing other quests. The spring festival tokens allow you to buy items such as piano of the forest, a bouquet of flowers held in your hands, a festival table furniture item, a banquet hall pass which seems to allow you to pass lines of something?, Some kind of lantern of spring furniture, and some kind of chest of morpheus which almost seems like its a storage chest but not exactly sure. If you plan on using any of this for your own please give me some credit took a lot of time to type out and translate everything in the image and try to make it make as much sense as possible.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Archeage 2.0 update information

So if you have not already seen it the patch information has been released in Korea about the new archeage 2.0 update. And while for us North American players this patch might be a long way's off we always love having information and gossip about new patches. I haven't done any recent Korean translations for anything so I figured might be a good idea to translate some of the information for this patch. Like always anything posted is always subject to change and it's likely some information may or not be finallized for release. And its also possible I might make mistakes so your welcome to help if you know Korean and are better at translation then me just leave me a comment and I'll update the information accordingly.

Battle information:

So basicly what I gathered fromj the information is that the costs of declaring against other guilds increases the more guilds are declaring at one time. I'm not sure exactly how you get paired with another guild but I would imagine they must be in the system for it to work. Like you pay the entry fee then it pairs your guild up with another guild. Not sure how it determines who get paired with who.

Guild Level up information:

So as you actually win guild vs guild battles the guild seems to level up based off of winning and there's a cooldown on battles of 2 hours to prevent people from just declaring over and over.  You have combat sprint speed, increases to experience, monster loot increased, reduction of casting speeds for the first 4 ranks since some of the translation comes out weird in Korean I could be wrong I think rank 1 might be combat speed possibly. Honor point increases, speed for gliding, faster speed for casting ships and vehicles, resurrect sickness decreased. So we have some pretty interesting benefits for actually participating. Kinda like the whole idea that you have to participate in guild battles to actually level the guild up. Not sure whether you need to keep winning to maintain these since not much information was provided.


So there's quests that also need to be completed for the guild vs guild and you need to win to actually get these contibution points. Quite abit of this one wasn't really making sense translation wise but the main thing is complete the gvg get points buy items from the shop. I didn't bother translating the item names because its likely they will change when its released on the american servers.

More information will be provided below once translated: