Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Preparing for Archeage 2.5 patch for NA

We don't exactly know when the 2.5 patch for Archeage will be coming out to the US and the EU but there's a few key changes which will greatly effect the game as well as make some pocket money for us. I figured I would actually share some information rather then just keeping it to myself since lately money hasn't been the real problem for me.

One of the biggest changes is the change to sunken treasure. Right now aside from on many servers most of the hackers taking the chests or the fact that it's a battle for any chests which you do manage to find with people trying to kill each other and such. They will be making changes that not only make the spawns random. That meaning instead of being able to use a map to plot spawn locations it will be all random which benefits the hackers more then the player base.  They will also be lowering the amount spawned. Which a good percentage of them right now spawn in locations which it's not even possible for us to get anyway since a good portion of them are outside of boundary lines or just can be interacted with.

So I know what your thinking everything I said above sounds like its a bad thing. But lets think of this in terms of the making money. The ship regrading gets cheaper and on top of it they also increase the success of regarding for ship parts too. With less sunken treasure aka less ship component regrade scrolls since people are getting 4 per shipwreck that means the price of regrade scrolls is likely to go up. On the EU they are an average of 98 silver each and on NA usually around 1g 50 silver each. If they cut the spawn amount by half that would mean the whole server may only have a maximum of about 20 or less spawns per 12 hours. That's been the main source of ship regrade scrolls on the server aside from lusca's which also only happens once per day currently. So while we can only guess what the price might be I would say ship component regrade scrolls might go from 1g each to about 3-5g once again like they did before. So hording them will likely make some really good money for a person after the patch rolls in. As well as being able to get better regrade success over all.

Another change which might effect market prices is the lowering of radiant trees and braizers from coin purses. We don't know how much is "slightly reduced" but I would imagine it is enough that you won't be getting as many of them from coin purses.

And the last little bit which I have to add about it is the new accessories from library coinpurse's and drops. While we don't exactly know whether these are actually worth a lot. We do know one thing that is rather expensive right now starlight archeum. So even if the new accessories which drop are crap they have to be better then the low level junk ones which have been dropping from all lvl 51 monsters. So this is actually a more valuable thing then the ship component regrades in terms of what to do after 2.5 hits.

But anyhow that's really the main highlights of 2.5 that I wanted to get out there for everyone. The big shipwreck salvaging isn't all that important because i seriously doubt we will be hunting for them if they don't fix the hacking which can't be fixed since cryengine is an open source graphics engine but oh well.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Money Guide Archeage Patch 2.0

So if your like me you might be wondering with all the new updates what should I be doing to make money. The answer is actually pretty simple. And today I'm gonna go over some of the hot new ways to make money that most people might have not realized.

One of the big new ways is crafting. If you haven't already noticed material prices have increased by quite a large amount. We are talking about base mats such as leather, cloth, iron, stone. The reason for this comes down to the new guild related dailes. People need these dailies to level their guilds earn prestige points and farm for leadership. These people are often lazy and willing to spend large amounts of money buying simple things like fabric. A perfect example today on my server the quest for the donation in Austera was 100 fabric price of fabric was 1g 99 silver each. I was thinking there's no way anyone would actually buy it for that much just because of the event but sure enough I was able to sell a stack of them which is almost 200g. If you can find an armory you can speed craft the stuff and slowly sell some through out the day and make a fortune. Each day for each type of material.

Another great way to make money is farming coin purses in library. The radiant trees in auroria got nerfed its kinda not as good to farm them but floor 3 coin purses give really good gold for the labor ontop of that the weapons that drop like candy break down to crystals and sometimes essences much higher money from something like this.

Another really surprising place to farm which is worthy is sea bugs in the ocean or south of fredrich dahuta area because you can get ship bags off the monsters. While this doesn't make tons of money it does allow you to take the small 3 to 4g ship scrolls craft ship parts regrade them decently and turn them into a 400 to 800g profit easily. Rather then trying to sell them on the auction house figure that if you regrade some ezan cutter sails to unique you can make 600 to 1k gold depending on the going rate on your server. You can also do this buying ship comp scrolls but that is more of a gamble because if it doesnt sell you'll kick yourself and you have to watch the prices.

Last worthy thing to do is running packs out of Hellswamp especially the new fertilizer pack. Why do you ask? Because even though fertilizer packs don't trade for gilda they are amazingly cheap to make in comparison to peanut packs and price wise they make around 20 charcoal per turn in which is an amazing amount for such an easy run from Hellswamp to Halcyona and out to Austera. If you can find one set to public you don't even need to own land in the area to use it. Meaning you can make packs with higher turnin rate then the crafter and fellowship.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

White in the forest - Ghosts Wedding event on Korea

So recently there was an update for Korean Archeage which added a ghosts wedding event and released some new costume, a mount and some furniture for your house. While the costume and horse just seem like a temporary teaser for the event the furniture doesn't seem to have any durations. The orignal post is here but below I translated all of the Korean on the image some of it might not be the best translation and the items will most likely change when they are released to american servers. I'm not sure whether we will actually end up getting the total event because of the fact that some of the other RNG boxes we've seen in the past in Korea got added as events. I mean I kind of wish NA did the same it's not only a really smart business tactic but it doesn't force players to just guess what the costumes look like. Gives everyone a taste of it allowing them to decide whether they want it. And if the furniture is actually permanant it means that if your here for the event you could get some of it without having to pay for it meaning that we kind of get screwed into buying "packages" which have furniture sets when Korea is getting them for free by participating in the events when they are released. I didn't bother translating the title and editing the top but it says:

하얀숲의 : White in the forest
유령결혼식 : Ghosts Weddings

The idea of it is it's a series of daily quests which give Spring Festival Commemorative Coins by completeing them. Some quests are dailies some are one time quests which only give rewards once. You get a free elk pet of your choice from one of the quests. One quest requires you to spend hereafterstones warping it seems. Another requires you to craft jewelery. And one quest is all about completeing other quests. The spring festival tokens allow you to buy items such as piano of the forest, a bouquet of flowers held in your hands, a festival table furniture item, a banquet hall pass which seems to allow you to pass lines of something?, Some kind of lantern of spring furniture, and some kind of chest of morpheus which almost seems like its a storage chest but not exactly sure. If you plan on using any of this for your own please give me some credit took a lot of time to type out and translate everything in the image and try to make it make as much sense as possible.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Archeage 2.0 update information

So if you have not already seen it the patch information has been released in Korea about the new archeage 2.0 update. And while for us North American players this patch might be a long way's off we always love having information and gossip about new patches. I haven't done any recent Korean translations for anything so I figured might be a good idea to translate some of the information for this patch. Like always anything posted is always subject to change and it's likely some information may or not be finallized for release. And its also possible I might make mistakes so your welcome to help if you know Korean and are better at translation then me just leave me a comment and I'll update the information accordingly.

Battle information:

So basicly what I gathered fromj the information is that the costs of declaring against other guilds increases the more guilds are declaring at one time. I'm not sure exactly how you get paired with another guild but I would imagine they must be in the system for it to work. Like you pay the entry fee then it pairs your guild up with another guild. Not sure how it determines who get paired with who.

Guild Level up information:

So as you actually win guild vs guild battles the guild seems to level up based off of winning and there's a cooldown on battles of 2 hours to prevent people from just declaring over and over.  You have combat sprint speed, increases to experience, monster loot increased, reduction of casting speeds for the first 4 ranks since some of the translation comes out weird in Korean I could be wrong I think rank 1 might be combat speed possibly. Honor point increases, speed for gliding, faster speed for casting ships and vehicles, resurrect sickness decreased. So we have some pretty interesting benefits for actually participating. Kinda like the whole idea that you have to participate in guild battles to actually level the guild up. Not sure whether you need to keep winning to maintain these since not much information was provided.


So there's quests that also need to be completed for the guild vs guild and you need to win to actually get these contibution points. Quite abit of this one wasn't really making sense translation wise but the main thing is complete the gvg get points buy items from the shop. I didn't bother translating the item names because its likely they will change when its released on the american servers.

More information will be provided below once translated:

Monday, April 27, 2015

What to buy for 1.7 Patch Tommorrow

So everyone knows that tommorrow is patch day and we will be having a new release that gets us up to 1.7 patch. This add's new house upgrades, obsidian armor, ship upgrades and changes to the way fredrich works and the amount of labor restored while offline for patrons. The enchanting system gets rehauled as well.

You might be a little lost with all these great changes so I'm going to explain about what items we might see a major increase of in tommorrows future.

Charcoal and other pigment resources
Iron Ore
Gems of any type
Salvaged armor peices
Royal Jelly
Regrade items of any type
Copper Ore
Silver Ore
Black Pearls (crafting)
Yellow Coral
Orange Coral
White and blue coral
Moonlight Archeum
Sunlight Archeum
Starlight Archeum

Things not to hold onto:
Raw Stone or Stone Bricks
Labor Potions

With the new update tommorrow all of the charcoal and pigment resources will be increasing a lot and the reasoning behind it is the new crafting for armor the obsidian the changes to the handicrafting will be effected. All of the Archeum prices will likely increase and the reasoning behind that statement is they are changing all of the coin purses to drop more low ranking dust then high rank dust. So that means less crystals, essences and shards and more motes and dust. That will not garrenty that prices for archeum drop but demand is going to increase. Ship upgrades an components will also require charcoal and types of ore. The black pearls are for handicrafting and it will be easier to get to illustrious and higher crafting which will require all of the gems of all types and a black pearl to make prismatic pearls and corals are also used in handicrafting. Royal Jelly is needed for the submarines people have been selling them for 10-30g these will likely become more expensive then that especially since the demand is still high for honey with the new gold trader on fredrich.

The rehaul on the regrading system will make it easier to get higher ranks of regrading so charms will increase in value along with the new charm types they will be adding. Regrading related stuff will likely increase with the next patch.

The reason behind the statement that raw stone and stone bricks are not a good idea to hold onto is because of the change of mining nodes every one mined with drop raw stone instead of the way that it is now that stone is rare.

And labor potions will likely not increase in price because of the new patch to patrons which make it so that you restore 10 labor offline. Many people who have not wanted to keep characters online all night long will be getting the same labor for being offline. Demand of labor potions will likely decrease making them either stay at the 18g they have been or decrease even more.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Starting Gear for Archeage

Whether your going to just dismantle the quest gear for archeum dust or shards or whether your trying to get gear as a fresh level 50 there are some quest gear area's which you'll want to make sure that you do. These quests might have level restrictions but if you've been leveling by crafting and you've skipped out on your questing knowing exactly where to go to complete these saves time.

Hasla/Karkasse Ridgelands (Lv45)
Quest Name:
Good For the Heart

Quest Name:
Fertilizer Formula
Chasing Rumors
Restoring Their Senses
In the Line of Duty

  1. A Risky Cure
  2. Healing Fruit
  3. The Price of Power
  4. The Redscale Chieftain

The Minotaurs' Madness
The Shaman of Dragonroar

Rookborne Basin/Windscour Savannah/Perinoor Ruins (Lvl 30's)

Hellswamp/Sanddeep (Lvl 30's)

Nuia gear quests only:

Perinoor Ruins (Lvl 45)

They're Only Words - (Perinoor Ruins)

Sanddeep (Lvl 39)

The Calleil High Priest - (Sanddeep lvl39)
A Monstrous Plot - (Sanddeep lvl38)

Hellswamp (lvl35)

The Dangers of the Hexmire - (Hellswamp)
The Ignomin Hive - (Hellswamp)
A Valiant Effort - (Hellswamp)

Halcyona (Lvl33)

Rogarr's Head - (Halcyona) 
An Orphan's Fears - (Halcyona) 

Cinderstone Moor (Lvl30)

The Gnoll Threat - (Cinderstone Moor)
Stolen Armor - (Cinderstone Moor)
The Demons of Cinderstone - (Cinderstone Moor)

Two Crowns (Lvl20's)

Foxhunt - (Two Crowns)
Painted Field Pillagers - (Two Crowns)
A Dangerous Dish - (Two Crowns)
An Undead Army - (Two Crowns) 
Venomist Canyon - (Two Crowns) 

Marianople (Lvl20's)

Blood in the Streets - (Marianople)
Eradicate the Bandits - (Marianople)
Heavy Sacks and Wolf Packs - (Marianople)
Cleaning the Garden - (Marianople)
Scared Straight - (Marianople) 

White Arden (Lvl20's)
The Dead Stay Buried - (White Arden)
Clearing a Path - (White Arden)
Jewels and Jaws - (White Arden)
Buying Time - (White Arden)
Wounded Warriors - (White Arden)

Dewstone Plains (Lvl15's)
Taking the Fight to Them - (Dewstone Plains)
Building Backbone - (Dewstone Plains)
Temporary Measure - (Dewstone Plains) 

Lilyut Hills (Lvl10's)
Stolen Memories - (Lilyut Hills)
The Haunted Ruins - (Lilyut Hills)
Clearing the Plains - (Lilyut Hills) 
Secret Orders - (Lilyut Hills)   
The Fearful Apprentice - (Lilyut Hills) 
Tibbec's Unrest - (Lilyut Hills)

Solzreed Peninsula (Lvl5)
A Changed Man - (Solzreed Peninsula)
King of Blackreath Keep - (Solzreed Peninsula)

Gweonid Forest (Lvl5)
Wing Delivery - (Gweonid Forest)
The Friendly Feline - (Gweonid Forest)

Haranya gear quests only:

Windscour Savannah (Lvl40's)
Betting On Friendship - (Windscour Savannah)

Rookborne Basin (Lvl40's)

Run Off the Achassi - (Rookborne Basin)
Goat Horn Benefits - (Rookborne Basin)

Ynystere (Lvl30's)
Monstrous Insects - (Ynystere)
Mournful Offering - (Ynystere)
Silent Forest Intruders - (Ynystere) 

Silent Forest (Lvl25's)
The Forest's Ruin - (Silent Forest) 
Chasing the Lights - (Silent Forest) 
Cloaked Forest Threat - (Silent Forest) 
A Remedy from the Forest - (Silent Forest)
Overgrown Flora - (Silent Forest)

Solis Headlands (Lvl20's) 
Strike at the Head - (Solis Headlands)
Capturing the Wind - (Solis Headlands)
The Essence of Aggression - (Solis Headlands)
Confiscated Goods - (Solis Headlands)  
Old Artifacts and Old Wine - (Solis Headlands) 

Mahadevi (Lvl15's)
A Job For An Exterminator - (Mahadevi)
Recycling Policy - (Mahadevi)

Tigerspine Mountains (Lvl10)
It's Alive - (Tigerspine Mountains) 
Ore Wing #1435 - (Tigerspine Mountains)

Falcorth Plains (Lvl5)
The Haunted Mists - (Falcorth Plains) 
The Reedpipe Chief - (Falcorth Plains)
A Missing Shaman - (Falcorth Plains) 
Punish the Schima Arsonists - (Falcorth Plains)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Is archeage playable for free to play?

A lot of people that come into Archeage ask this question regularly and aren't really sure whether its possible. I have done some guides on how to make patron and while there's always the option that a free to play player can simply keep a character on all night long to regain labor there are some disadvantages.

One of the first disadvantages is owning land. When you enter the game you get a 8x8 scarecrow for doing some of the very first quests around level 10. You cannot use it without patron even though it's giving you taxes and the design. So this kinda tricks the person into thinking they can place it and find out later it can't be placed without patron.

The next thing is everything in game is powered by labor. During alpha you had some fun things like treasure hunting which didn't cost labor. But now the only thing that you can do is dungeons or farming monsters but if you find any gear or try to open coin purses this will cost labor. The game is powered by labor crafting and gathering is labor intensive. Which makes the grind that much harder for free to play players. The only things you can do to make money which cost absolutly no labor is farming certain designs but these are high competition.

Making enough money to actually get patron is still possible but trying to play completely free you won't get super far unless you work really hard. This doesn't mean that the game isn't playable. The game isn't a pay to unlock like SWTOR or doesn't force you to pay a subscription to play the game. And while people might disagree the game isn't pay to win. Yes if you dump enough real money into any game there will be some kind of advantage whether its decreasing time it takes to get things but it's impossible to get away completely from these types of things. If it wasn't for the shop the gold farmers would sell the gear which would be much of the same thing.

But that doesn't mean that some things are broken about the game. One being the RNG boxes which are sold in game. In Korea you can buy most of the regrade items for a set number of credits. With the NA servers they have it set so that if you spend 100 dollars the chance of you getting the item you want is still very low. Which means regrades which make a major difference at end game are only for the high rollers. The reason is because they can't be bought for low credit amount we have to rely on a "luck" chance at said items.

The game could be balanced out farther which would make it a little bit more fair to players some things include adding better incentives for patrons such as increasing the labor increase to alpha labor which was 20 per 10 minutes instead of only 10. Right now since the gold farmers can sell gold at a better deal then buying apex for gold the cost of labor has increased so much that normal non pay to play characters are unable to buy labor and make money with said labor.  The labor potions only costed 150 credits when first released but cost 300 right now. Its not worth it for people to buy and sell these either. The only labor potions are the ones bought by loyalty that people still sell. This makes it difficult to obtain them aside from people spending loyalty to sell them.

The people who buy gold from gold spammers will also control the markets on various items which also helps ruin the game. But if trion makes it more worth selling apex then it is to buy gold from gold spammers they will take the game back and recover many things.

At the end of the day I would have to say out of all the other older free to play mmorpgs that actually have decent graphic this is one of the better ones. You have people still play nexon and Conquer Online and many other hardcore pay to win games which even lack the good quality graphics. Archeage has really good pvp and will likely continue to be popular since it's one of the ages for more hardcore pvp that we have seen for a long time.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Archeage Streaming with Sneakyminx tonight for serpentis

When the servers for Archeage come up we will be streaming serpentis and following sneaky's stream tonight. Prepare for laugh's and lots of fun. We run an average of at least two runs of serpentis a night. Watch live video from SneakyMinx on

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Archeage Gold Guide

Making gold in archeage is one of the most important tasks that you will need to accomplish. The game includes quite a few gold sinks such as the crafting system which not only will hit your wallet for archeum dust and crystals but also costs you just gold for the regrade system. So today I'm gonna go over some of the methods to make money which are used by a lot of people and then I'll go over some of the unknown methods as well.

One of the biggest methods in game for making money is the pack running while this method costs quite a bit of labor in terms of gathering materials required and then crafting the pack it's also still quite rewarding to run packs. The higher commerce you have leveled the less labor at the cost per crafted pack. As well a chance for successful deals being made which will add on more money. One of the most ideal runs at least for beginners is the rookborne pack. It baffles me why many people choose to not run this pack in servers. The materials cost to run the pack consists of either the following:

30 figs 50 chopped produce
15 orchard puree 10 milk

Both of these packs are very easy to make considering chopped produce is usually very cheap on the auction house you can buy it off other players or craft it from cucumbers fast if you dont mind the labor costs associated. And figs are easy to come by since they produce more fruit every 2 hours. Even a small amount of figs are more of a curse then a blessing cause you will need to keep picking all the time. The milk can be accomplished by cows or a cow pen which also gives fertalizer used for making eco friendly fuel. You have an option with that to either sell the fuel which sells for some decent gold or use it to make your tractor runs faster.

Rookborne packs are 9g 77 silver on average when at 130% and because you only need to use the mountain pass to get up and get into falcorth plains it's a run that usually takes about 2-5 minutes by donkey and about 10-15 with a tractor. You will need to at least have backdrop from shadowplay, teleport from auramancy in order to get up the mountain pass. You can get up using the location in the screenshots below:


And for the people that want to run tractors since it allows you to run 7 packs at a time instead of only one at a time the following screenshots:

 This picture above shows that with the larger cart the 4 pack cart or the 6 pack cart we need to drive backwards to get over this spot in the mountain to avoid getting stuck.
 We can drive normal from this point.
 At this point we will get stuck cause its a mountain ledge but don't worry we just need to owners mark and dismount.
 We will need to cast riders escape in order to get our cart to a place we can drive away at.
 Your cart must be less then 20 meters away you can see by viewing the hp bar for the cart and looking at distance in meters.
 Our cart respawns at the bottom after skill usage
 We keep driving right down the mountain.
 We turn left to avoid getting stuck as the path turns different directions.
 Turn right for this spot and continue driving.
 We exit the mountain and watch for patrol so we don't get killed.
 This spot is a second one for another patrol so becareful.
 Now we have clear driving to our location from this spot.
The more runs you do the lower the pack prices will get as well as the more people running them. Late times or early morning might have little to no one running packs. We can check prices in game using the trade information under vocation tab on the bottom right corner.

We can also use the same method during peace times to run trade packs into rookborne as well as if we have land in rookborne we can run them to our property and wait for peace. This makes it much faster then most trade packs as well as more money.

Another trade pack which is valuable is packs from Windscour Savannah. Those packs when taken to ynystere are 15 gold because of the distance. Cheese packs to Ynystere are 20 gold the only thing to keep in mind with those packs is avoid getting killed since both maps are pvp and also the time it takes to run them. The distance for more gold means more driving. And as most people would agree time is money.

Most people usually prefer to do international trade runs for charcoal to make money. The reason being is charcoal is needed in a lot of crafting. So usually charcoal itself sells for quite a lot of money. Usually between 80 silver to 1 gold or more. Normal packs usually run from about 9 charcoal up too 17 charcoal. Specialty packs are usually 15 to 19 depending on where they have been run from and cheese packs are usually over 20 depending on the distance run. While these packs contain more danger since you need to go across pvp zones out in the water even in the event you lose the pack you will see more reward then losing one in a pvp zone for gold since you will still get 3 to 5 charcoal or more.

Aside from just selling charcoal another method which will depend on the prices in your server there's the option of turning charcoal into crafting materials such as the following:

Wind Spirit Leather
Fine Leather
Viscous Glossy Oil
Opaque Polish
Sturdy Ingots
Small Seed Oil
Fine Lumber
Small Root Pigment

These are just some of the examples and depending on your server some of them might not be worth making. But a lot of times the demand of the items is much higher and people are lazy or would rather spend money instead of extra labor to craft these items. This is where you come in. By taking the time to craft them you can make even more money and increase profits of what you would get out of the charcoal by selling an item which might only cost a few extra silver and makes you 4 to 5 gold or more tripling profit. Sometimes its even a good deal to buy charcoal and turn it into these materials if the price is high enough on the turn out rate.

Another really good way to make money is by consumables the reason being is during pvp and pve situation having a full stock of consumables is the way to win any situation. You can craft different food and drink to increase mana and recover during combat. Some of these items include the following:

Kingdom's Heart
Spellbook: Brick Wall
Spellbook: Unstoppable Force
Nui's Nova
Ancient Library Relic
Kraken's Might
Hardy Soup
Tangy Soda
Deluxe Sandwich

All of the above are a must for most people who pvp or do pve dungeons. So these will always be in high demand unless the server your playing on has a bunch of noobs which know nothing about the game. So they will need these items and likely pay money though the auction house to obtain them.

Another good way is making the rank 3 items potions and food since many people leveling usually run out of food by the time that rank 3 or 4 levels are hit. Low level quests give food up to around 30 or so and then the quests stop giving food which then requires the user to start buying food from the auction house and from other players.

With 1.7 coming out soon fishing will also have newer more valuable uses including needing to be 90k to do the ice fishing which gets added as well as fishing contests which give some pretty valuable items. Fishing currently makes decent money in terms of how much labor is required to turn profit over.

Selling cow pens and beehives are another really good way to make money but keep in mind the cost of materials ive seen plenty of stupid people post cow pens for like 15g when it costs 20 gold to actually craft them. I end up having to buy them all out then list them higher and turning out profit on them.

Maxing out professions like logging since houses will always need wood or stone as well as crafting which always needs a big supply of wood as well. Stone is a big seller as well as some of the higher level stone products in order to go inside some of the new dungeons and crafting the vehicles's. High logging also makes rubber which is used for car tires they require a lot so you can usually sell them for 15g on average. If people are selling lower then that its likely they don't understand they can make more. Aspen hardwoods are used for beehives and so are lake dawn essences from fishing both can sell really well and make a person alot of money.

Another money maker is south of fredrich there are old vases and chests. The chests require killing 2 star elites for keys while the old vases don't really require anything aside from labor and a short cooldown. While the old vases have been nerfed because there is a cooldown which has been added do to all the botters using these to farm money they still give 1 to 2g on average of vendor items. The chests can contain a relic trade pack which can sell for 5g to 100g but costs the same labor of a trade pack so its more of a gamble labor wise whether you will make a good amount or not.

For the most part making money in archeage is pretty straight forward you can even play the gambling game with the RNG boxes from the shop and make some decent money. Atleast much more then most games ive played since lucky sunpoints bring in 3k gold on average in most servers and lucky red regrade charms bring in about 700g on average. While it is a gamble and you never know what will be pulled out. I will say I have had some decent luck with them. So I won't go and tell you that they are useless cause that isn't true.