Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ultimate Guide to Apex for Archeage

So while there are many guides which people want to try and charge you for on gold making and how to get apex most of them include the use of hacks or programs which could get you banned. And this could risk your game play. We wouldn't want you getting banned just for trying to get apex for your main account. And it would suck not having a good method to score apex. So I will be giving you some idea's about how to extend your apex and doing this the legal way.

Some things to keep in mind labor is very important in archeage. While people might tell you that labor doesn't have a price or value this isn't true you can make excuses all you want and tell people its worthless but keep in mind if your gaining labor as a free player you only get 5 labor every 5 minutes and 10 every 5 minutes. So lets assume we are talking about a free player. In an hour you'll gain 300 labor so time is still money at the end of the day. So getting the most out of what little labor you can get is very important. We have a trick which we can do on free accounts to get labor which will be important cause we need labor to make money and provide services.

Gaining labor for free accounts can be accomplished by auto attacking dummy's in falcloth for example. All we need to do is leave our character attacking these poles which keeps our character in combat and as of this point it is not considered illegal to keep yourself logged into game using this method. So it isn't considered a "hack". We want to get as much labor as we can so if you have to leave it for 5 or 6 hours so you can max out on the 2k labor this makes it easier and cheaper then trying to buy workers compensation potions. We also want to avoid spending money which could be spent on other things.

The type of services we will provide will depend on what's making money but we have a few options:
  • Processing materials
  • Crafting
  • Giving ship transport rides
  • Selling resources mined or gathered
Processing materials can be anything from stone to wood and so on. People usually look for these type of services especially when they would rather not spend the labor themselves. Since labor is hard to come by meanwhile if they are leveling a profession they are likely to be using up most of there own labor so they will be looking for someone like you to process stuff. Payment usually comes in tips.

Crafting this type does however require you to level up said craft type which might not be something you want to invest. But if your RNG rolls are good and you get lucky crafting some of the items from handicrafting or tailoring ect you can be looking at some serious money made. Always make sure you don't over spend on materials as well in this case cause you don't want it to turn into a gamble when crafting.

Ship transports this one is usually something people will need since you have the quest for the 16x16 farm if you drive the ship good and can keep your party out of danger as well as get the quest completed for them they will be happy customers. And charging them a fee for your time is a great way to make money. Keep in mind you can also rent out more then just a cutter ship. You could also do the same thing for a merchant ship and charge a per pack fee or a flat rate fee over all.

Selling resources is a good way to make money especially if you can find stuff being planted by someone and jack it to sell over the market place. Some research has to go in before all is said and done since you wouldn't want to end up gathering something that doesn't sell or won't make you enough for your labor.

Some other important things to keep in mind avoid using exploits and I know your gonna be like but my friend exploited Apex recently and made a fortune. But keep in mind you don't wanna risk your account getting banned cause that would be game over. We want to do things legit so we don't come up as a possible banning suspect.

We could also gather materials to make trade packs one of the more valuable runs which is short and sweet is the rookborne to falcloth. Running from a pvp zone is increased pack money. The runs materials are easy to come by you can actually gather the figs from the enemy side and grow cucumbers to get the veggies. This is one of the fastest ways to be able to run packs and requires low investiment. 130% on rookborne packs pays over 9g per run. But even at the lowest point you will still be making 5g off each pack and thats only for about a 5 minute run by donkey. Of course if you make a cart your looking at increasing the amount of packs you can run. But over all the donkey method is a great money maker for someone trying to establish money in a server to buy apex.

Another great way to make money but this requires some investiment to make it efficiant is leveling fishing up. While it is possible to catch some of the lower end sport fish the higher the base skill the bigger the fish you can catch. But fish only require labor to catch them after they turn into a pack they give money without the cost of labor. Fish can be worth anywhere from 2 gold to 45 gold max and the investment gets less the higher it gets leveled since it causes labor reductions the higher you level fishing. The only investiments required to make this work will be bought using vocational badges the fishing pole can be crafted or bought they usually go for around 3 gold.

Another aspect of fishing is stealing fish if you can manage to steal fish off people its free labor but this of course will require a higher leveled character in order to pull that off since most people will be geared and likely hard to beat.

Gathering and selling resources are going to come down to what's doing well in the market but keep afew things in mind. Look for fellowship workbenches on servers usually these require materials. A perfect example of this is the rookborne one which costs 180 corn and 50 dried flowers. Since corn can also be used for grain as well. It can be very valuable and many people will likely buy it when its sold since it requires so much to make a pack. If you plant 100 corn seeds on an 8x8 you can usually expect to make 20-30 gold on average on a server and thats without farming leveled. The investiment is only 1g 40 silver.

We also have afew ways to make money with a new character as well. We can sell the gilda stars you'll get a max of 50 if you rush though the story quests certain races can do this easier like for example elf on the west side or the furry race on the eastern side. Quest wise when you hit 50 you can get a free scroll for regrading. The weapon regrades are usually the best price wise but just check the server to make sure. If you can find someone on the server with a car and ask for some help they can run you though the eco fuel quest in rookborne which will give you some really good money as well.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trade Hack Archeage Warning

So I figured this would actually be a great topic especially cause everyone knows how frustrating it is to get scammed out of items in a mmorpg especially when this specific warning I'm going to be posting about is actually a hack which people do to the trade window. And it go against the terms of service for Archeage. So basicly Archeage has told everyone if you get scammed by just normal scamming game mechanics its okay.

But hackers have found a method to modify the amount of money being traded after the money not only has been locked in but after you hit the trade button then they modify the amount. So breaking it down it happens like the following:

  • You put a Thunderstruck tree in the window...

  • They put in 200g for the tree...

  • Both of you confirm the amount...

  • You can see the 200g confirmed and still reading 200g so you hit the trade button.

  • You recieve 2g and give them a thunderstruck tree.

I actually had someone send me a screenshot cause he got scammed the other day on Ollo server.
So tips to avoid getting scammed while I will say the best way is not selling stuff via the trade window or only trade for other items we cannot be sure what exactly is the extent that they can do with this type of hack. So I would say its better to trade with people who are trusted this means avoid the following people:
  • Low level players
  • Guildless players
  • Ones with bot or scammer names
But that also doesn't mean you shouldn't leave out the possiblity that people will do it with a higher level character or add it to a guild just to exploit. Keep in mind these people will do anything to steal from other players. And they don't care about reputation. Also seeing how Trion has handled many of the hacks currently means you should totally be aware of scamming and people hacking. Cause if they perform these types of things on you its possible they could get your account flagged and banned when you did nothing wrong.
Someone decided to actually post the hack in which people are using to exploit people along with the method. So out of hoping this gets fixed soon I thought I would share more of it.
Thanks for buying this plugin, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

What you need to do now :
Place the "Source" - folder into your Archebuddy Plugins folder.
Start up Archebuddy and log into the game.
Now heres my scamming method :
I'll write in faction chat that i'm buying 5 worker's compensation potions for 29g each, on my server they're atm on the auctionhouse for 27g and 60silver.
when you do this, a person will think that you're stupid and that you're going to pay much more for something that is cheaper on the auctionhouse, so they'll be in a hurry
to sell you that item, in this case the worker's compensation potions.
**Before you proceed with the following step, buy 10 Apples from the auctionhouse, you'll need it. it's explained further down the line why you need it.**
What you do now is, in archebuddy, open the "Plugin Editor"
- Press "Open File"
go to the "Source" folder and click on the tradescam.cs file
Now you move to the line 35 where you see this :      PutGoldInTrade(1); 
that 1 stands for 1 copper, now let me give you a rundown on what 10g, or a 100g would be :
15000000 = 1500g
10000000 = 1000g
 1500000 =  150g
 1000000 =  100g
  900000 =   90g
  100000 =   10g
   10000 =    1g
    1000 =    10s
      10 =    10copper
       1 =     1copper
now, to scam that guy selling 5 worker's compensation to us for 29g each we need to put in 145g into the trade, that means we'll edit the line
"PutGoldInTrade(1); " into "PutGoldInTrade(1450000);
now you press Compile, and when the guy trades you, the code will put in 10apples in, take em out and then put the gold in (**THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE SO THE TRADE IS BUGGED AND THE TRADE WONT BE CANCELLED WHEN THE SCRIPT REMOVES THE GOLD!!**)
also you'll NEVER see the gold being put in from your view (as you may have noticed in the video), so always DOUBLE check when you edit and compile the script!

Good luck and enjoy!"
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Threading;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using ArcheBuddy.Bot.Classes;     

namespace DefaultNameSpace{
   public class DefaultClass : Core
       public static string GetPluginAuthor()
           return "Plugin Author";

       public static string GetPluginVersion()
           return "";

       public static string GetPluginDescription()
           return "My plugin description";

       //Call on plugin start
         public void PluginRun()
           TradeInfo currenttrade = me.tradeInfo; 
            while (currenttrade.isOtherLocked == false)
                  while (currenttrade.IsOtherTradeOk == false)
I suggest if you catch anyone attempting to scam you that you report them or block them. And if the GM's for trion are around I suggest you look for a way to break the exploit they are using since it still is ruining the game on many servers.