Saturday, March 7, 2015

Starting Gear for Archeage

Whether your going to just dismantle the quest gear for archeum dust or shards or whether your trying to get gear as a fresh level 50 there are some quest gear area's which you'll want to make sure that you do. These quests might have level restrictions but if you've been leveling by crafting and you've skipped out on your questing knowing exactly where to go to complete these saves time.

Hasla/Karkasse Ridgelands (Lv45)
Quest Name:
Good For the Heart

Quest Name:
Fertilizer Formula
Chasing Rumors
Restoring Their Senses
In the Line of Duty

  1. A Risky Cure
  2. Healing Fruit
  3. The Price of Power
  4. The Redscale Chieftain

The Minotaurs' Madness
The Shaman of Dragonroar

Rookborne Basin/Windscour Savannah/Perinoor Ruins (Lvl 30's)

Hellswamp/Sanddeep (Lvl 30's)

Nuia gear quests only:

Perinoor Ruins (Lvl 45)

They're Only Words - (Perinoor Ruins)

Sanddeep (Lvl 39)

The Calleil High Priest - (Sanddeep lvl39)
A Monstrous Plot - (Sanddeep lvl38)

Hellswamp (lvl35)

The Dangers of the Hexmire - (Hellswamp)
The Ignomin Hive - (Hellswamp)
A Valiant Effort - (Hellswamp)

Halcyona (Lvl33)

Rogarr's Head - (Halcyona) 
An Orphan's Fears - (Halcyona) 

Cinderstone Moor (Lvl30)

The Gnoll Threat - (Cinderstone Moor)
Stolen Armor - (Cinderstone Moor)
The Demons of Cinderstone - (Cinderstone Moor)

Two Crowns (Lvl20's)

Foxhunt - (Two Crowns)
Painted Field Pillagers - (Two Crowns)
A Dangerous Dish - (Two Crowns)
An Undead Army - (Two Crowns) 
Venomist Canyon - (Two Crowns) 

Marianople (Lvl20's)

Blood in the Streets - (Marianople)
Eradicate the Bandits - (Marianople)
Heavy Sacks and Wolf Packs - (Marianople)
Cleaning the Garden - (Marianople)
Scared Straight - (Marianople) 

White Arden (Lvl20's)
The Dead Stay Buried - (White Arden)
Clearing a Path - (White Arden)
Jewels and Jaws - (White Arden)
Buying Time - (White Arden)
Wounded Warriors - (White Arden)

Dewstone Plains (Lvl15's)
Taking the Fight to Them - (Dewstone Plains)
Building Backbone - (Dewstone Plains)
Temporary Measure - (Dewstone Plains) 

Lilyut Hills (Lvl10's)
Stolen Memories - (Lilyut Hills)
The Haunted Ruins - (Lilyut Hills)
Clearing the Plains - (Lilyut Hills) 
Secret Orders - (Lilyut Hills)   
The Fearful Apprentice - (Lilyut Hills) 
Tibbec's Unrest - (Lilyut Hills)

Solzreed Peninsula (Lvl5)
A Changed Man - (Solzreed Peninsula)
King of Blackreath Keep - (Solzreed Peninsula)

Gweonid Forest (Lvl5)
Wing Delivery - (Gweonid Forest)
The Friendly Feline - (Gweonid Forest)

Haranya gear quests only:

Windscour Savannah (Lvl40's)
Betting On Friendship - (Windscour Savannah)

Rookborne Basin (Lvl40's)

Run Off the Achassi - (Rookborne Basin)
Goat Horn Benefits - (Rookborne Basin)

Ynystere (Lvl30's)
Monstrous Insects - (Ynystere)
Mournful Offering - (Ynystere)
Silent Forest Intruders - (Ynystere) 

Silent Forest (Lvl25's)
The Forest's Ruin - (Silent Forest) 
Chasing the Lights - (Silent Forest) 
Cloaked Forest Threat - (Silent Forest) 
A Remedy from the Forest - (Silent Forest)
Overgrown Flora - (Silent Forest)

Solis Headlands (Lvl20's) 
Strike at the Head - (Solis Headlands)
Capturing the Wind - (Solis Headlands)
The Essence of Aggression - (Solis Headlands)
Confiscated Goods - (Solis Headlands)  
Old Artifacts and Old Wine - (Solis Headlands) 

Mahadevi (Lvl15's)
A Job For An Exterminator - (Mahadevi)
Recycling Policy - (Mahadevi)

Tigerspine Mountains (Lvl10)
It's Alive - (Tigerspine Mountains) 
Ore Wing #1435 - (Tigerspine Mountains)

Falcorth Plains (Lvl5)
The Haunted Mists - (Falcorth Plains) 
The Reedpipe Chief - (Falcorth Plains)
A Missing Shaman - (Falcorth Plains) 
Punish the Schima Arsonists - (Falcorth Plains)