Monday, October 6, 2014

The Black Pearl Pirate Ship

The Black Pearl Pirate Ship in Archeage is one of the fastest ships in game and comes equipped with some of the best firepower as well as the highest speed ship in the game. While this is one of the best ships what is required just to make the design is very time consuming and will require a group of dedicated individuals just to gather the ship design scraps. These scrapes can easily sell for 100 to 200g each depending on the market and takes 55 of them gathered together to make one black pearl design.

The black pearl features are as follows:
  • 10.3m/s
  • 8 Cannons
  • 6 Aqualungs
  • 4 Trade package Slots
  • Sextant that allows the player to see any ships on the map in the nearby area (1000 m)

To build the black pearl:

  • Collect 55 Black Pearl Blueprint (drop by pirate boss above level 40)
  • 100 x Wood, 100 x Iron to build Construction Platform
  • 5 x Packs Lumber,5 x Packs Iron, 5x Packs Cloth
There are a total of 14 bosses that drop parts of the blueprints for the black pearl these bosses are the following:
Note*Same location monsters underlined
  • Kyrios Disciple Klei Level: 35  Falcloth Plains
  • Wandering Captain Kingston Level: 35 Solzreed Peninsula
  • Shy Denly Level: 35 Solzreed Peninsula
  • Dahuta Slave Belucci Level: 40 Gweonid Forest
  • Umbra's Spirit Level: 35 Silent Forest
  • Nesah the Witch of the East Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Golden Goblet Leader Denslow Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Butler Heinmann Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Brainwashed Tutor Evelyn Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Metal Golem #29 Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Senior Knight Albert Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Knight Captain Herbert Level: 40 Halcyona
  • Ventix the Stormwhorl Level: 40 Gweonid Forest

Each of these locations are unlocked with hidden quests and are open world raid dungeons. Meaning that once the location has been opened by someone any group can come into it including the enemy faction. That means that you can have your boss tagged and in pvp zones it also means that you can be killed or wiped by enemy's or allies if they wish too mess with you.

Silent Forest Ancient Necropolis [Secret Quest]

This quest is a secret quest for the Umbra's Spirit Boss located in silent forest. There are 5 tombs in that location each one has a different type of monster and one of them has a wandering ghost npc which has a starter for the quest. It isn't always visible and you can easily miss it even while questing. Keep in mind you will need a group willing to complete the quest because the dungeon is actually multi-floor and each floor requires a key. In each of the tomb area's there's a locked royal tomb door and a note which talks about the quest giving hints that talk about needing to find different items.

Outside of one of the tombs near the larger structure building there's an anvil and the body of a NPC on the ground that has a note attatched to it which says the following:
"I've assembled all of the pieces, but still can't decipher what they're trying to say. My time has ended, but whoever finds this letter, please do the honor of finishing my work. Uncover the secrets of the royal tomb that I could not".

The anvil nearby when clicked says: Not enough Purified Blade

Another nearby object that you can interact with says the following:
 "I found purified all five cursed items, but it's still not over. What else do I need? The five items, and...I have to get moving. I don't even have time to think, just act."

To actually complete the purified blade you will have to enter each of the five tombs and get one of the following named items:
  • Cursed Spellbook
  • Cursed Blade
  • Cursed Wolf Claw
  • Cursed Armor Piece
  • Cursed Fog
Once these are obtained you need to swim to the bottom of the middle of the lake you also recieve another quest from the zone that makes you go down to this location it's the deepest part of the lake where the glowing symbol is on the lake floor. You bring the items and use them to purify each one.

Once the items are purified its back over to the anvil and you use them to make the royal key which after crafted allows you to open one of the doors. Each of the tomb doors lead to the same place but there are other floors downward which also require the same royal tomb keys. And because the key is consumed after it is used you will need party members to bring additional keys to avoid having to go do the quest all over again just to get another key. The door stay's open for a decent amount of time but will eventually close. The drop rate of the boss is not a 100% chance to get a black pearl design atleast it wasn't in the alpha version. I have yet to try it again now that the game is live but I will update the guide as needed.

As I have more information about the other dungeons I will update the guide since so far only the silent forest one I have actually figured out as of yet.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beekeeping Guide

Bee's are an important enviromental creature that pollenates and makes delicious honey. In archeage beekeeping might not pollenate tree's but one thing is for sure it does make honey as well as royal jelly. These can be very useful items in game. Beehives can be used to make a good income in archeage. So today I will teach you how to make a beehive and also how to tend and care for bee's in archeage. Also some of the ways that you can make income by beekeeping.

To make a beehive you will need a large enough farm space to actually place a beehive. This can be accomplished by either having a 16x16 farm or one of the larger medium houses such as the 24x24 or larger. You cannot use a beehive on one of the small scarecrow farms or small houses because beehives take up a lot of space and won't fit. You can find the beehive under Handicraft and under the section called Contraption. Its listed as the Acorn Beehive.

  • 20x Lumber
  • 5x Aspen Hardwood (Aquired from rare aspen drops)
  • 3x Acorn (From Oak trees)
  • 1x Dawn Lake Light Essence (Aquired from fishing)

Beehives have stages of growth depending on the situation. If you choose to not add a queen to the beehive then it will only grow for a day and the amount of honey recieved from the beehive will be a very small amount usually between 3-5 honey with a very low chance for royal jelly. You can use a Queen Bee Taming Net by reducing the queens health low and using the net to capture her. You can catch her in the following locations:

  • Mahadevi
  • Falcorth Plains
  • White Arden
  • Solzreed Peninsula
After you have a queen in the beehive it takes up to 4 day's for the beehive to hit prosperous and give the largest amount of honey. The stages of this are as follows:

  • Alluring – No harvest 
  • Moist – 200 Labor harvest 3-5 Honey small chance for Royal Jelly
  • Sweet – 400 Labor harvest 12-18 Honey small chance for Royal Jelly
  • Prosperous – 600 Labor harvest 24-30 small chance for Royal Jelly
Beehives have a chance to be attacked when this happens you have a limited duration before the beehive gets destroyed so you need to either make or buy a smoke bead to prevent the destruction of the beehive. The beekeepers veil will keep you from getting stung by the bees but it's not required in order to pick the beehives and the poison from the bees isn't that notiable. But it's possible it reduces the chance for the beehive from going into the "attacked" state.

Beehives can be grown in all climates and no climates speed up the process of bee's. Beehives can be good for a number of things. Alchemy, Cooking, Trade Packs, and Pet raising require honey as well as submarines which require royal jelly. Of course submarines have not been added yet in the NA release of Archeage so they are only used for the butterfly frame decoration and do not have much of a use currently aside from something pretty to put in your house.

Trade Pack wise you can make the aged larder which honey can be used as an ingrediant for aged honey this takes 2 days to mature but pays a premium pack which is 130% since it doesn't end up being run fast like most standard packs.

Alchemy potions of defense require honey as an ingrediant to recipes making them have a constant use in pvp. Cooking also requires it for higher level food recipes as well.

You can also use 500 honey to upgrade the polar bear pet the one obtained by breeding the bears. And is used to create a black bear pet.